Wake Up Your Workspace with These Whimsical Pencil Cups

I like to surround myself with beautiful things—from my dish scrubber to my earrings. Every Sunday I will bring you the latest object of perfection that I am lusting after or let's be honest, have already added to cart. Apologies in advance for showing too many shiny things. I hope you get as much joy out of beauty and design as I do.

Wake Up Your Workspace with These Whimsical Pencil Cups

After a few weeks of producing this column, a friend who follows offered a submission. I immediately became obsessed with these Bridie Hall brush pots. Smooth crystal tumblers inlaid with a gold vinyl letter or symbol, backed with colored lacquers and a top coat of glossy varnish—great as a single initial gift or go for a whole name. I imagine getting the whole alphabet and filling them with colored pencils, brushes, markers, etc. What a whimsical addition to your home office or workspace.

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Unfortunately, I can't find a US retailer but these are available at Liberty London for about $50.

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