Venus is in Virgo, and your relationship is definitely going to feel the impact.
Venus in virgo
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Everyone has a “love language,” a term coined by psychologist and author Gary Chapman in the ‘90s, which refers to how, exactly, you demonstrate affection. For example, you might show your S.O. that you care through physical touch or compliments. If you’re familiar with astrology, you already know that the movements of Venus, the planet of love and beauty, can have a major effect on what and how we love. As of August 21, Venus is officially in the sign of Virgo, and for roughly the next three weeks, it’ll compel us to adopt the language of service.

In general, Virgos get things done. These are the people who never leave the house without water and ibuprofen; the people who create and maintain the chore chart; the people who, quite simply, always know what you need before you tell them. They’re practical, careful, and not afraid of hard work. And when Venus sets up camp in Virgo, all of us will start to feel the same way, especially when it comes to caring for a partner.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find a deeper meaning in every little thing your lover does for you — and vice versa. Taking on their share of the chores will outshine any sonnet, and helping them draft a difficult email will feel as steamy as any kind of PDA. And doing this stuff won’t even feel like work, since you’ll do it knowing that it makes your S.O’s life easier and more enjoyable. In short, helping will feel undeniably hot during Venus’ stay in Virgo.

Unfortunately, for all the good we stand to get out of this planetary transit (does it get any better than a happy relationship and a clear to-do list?), it could bring trouble along with it, too. If you lean into this influence only to find that your partner isn’t doing the same or doesn’t seem to appreciate your gestures, you could end up feeling slighted, ignored, and ready to pick a fight over the smallest slip-up.

Anyone who’s spent time with Virgos knows they can have a critical, even cold, edge, which could very easily rear its ugly head if you believe you aren’t getting your fair share of love. You can combat these feelings and dodge a blowup by keeping in mind that, although this transit should make us more helpful, it won’t make anyone psychic. It isn’t out of the question to calmly ask your partner for their assistance on a daunting project, or if they can fold the laundry while you run errands. But if you come home and aren't satisfied with how they folded your socks? It might be time to get the Virgo tendencies in check again.

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