Here's what to expect in the sex and romance department on the 14th, according to your zodiac sign.

By Lisa Stardust
Feb 02, 2021 @ 1:45 pm
Your R-Rated Horoscope for Valentine's Day
Credit: Getty Images

Valentine's Day falls during the fiery Aries Moon, which means that our need to embrace and express our passions will be strong. The caveat is that Mercury will be retrograde, so our sentiments may come out wrong. (Translation: Double-check texts and think before speaking to ensure clear communication!)

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The good news is that Mercury retrograde will give us all the opportunity to revisit old fantasies and desires. Jupiter aligns with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, giving us the power and confidence to take our excitement to the next level. The previous day, on the 13th, Venus and Mercury retrograde will link up, making us unsure of how to express our hedonistic pleasures. Fortunately, the 14th gives us the courage we need. 


Steer clear of drama with your squad as this may distract you from having the passionate evening that you're craving — either with your S.O. or alone. Regardless of what happens, pop a bottle of the bubbly and put on some Sade. Let your mind and body be one. 


You want your partner to know intuitively what you want sexually. The caveat is that they aren't mind readers. Give them hints so they know what exactly you have in mind. If you do, you can expect a titillating time with you and your partner pleasing each other all through the night.


You will discover that the best source of sexual foreplay is your mouth. Use your oral skills to vocally express your sexual desires, and you'll be getting off like nobody's business. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, and Jupiter (who

rules your house of partnerships) collude to bring out your saucy side.


You'll receive a "u up" text from your crush/boo, but it won't be until the late hours of the evening. Rather than getting mad, you may opt to engage in a late-night convo in the spirit of Valentine's Day. After all, you'll be feeling a frisky energetic pull due to the Aries Moon. 


More often than not, you like to be the one who's being given all the attention and affection in the boudoir. Now, you're wanting to give your partner the starring role and focus solely on fulfilling their fantasies. In that case, allow your generous heart to give all night long.


You'll be wanting to spend this holiday giving yourself some extra TLC. Instead of worrying about others, give yourself all of your energy. Taking a hot and healing bath will do the trick in helping mend all of the stresses from the outside world.


You'll be feeling the urge to take the reigns and prep for your hot night inside with a few flirty sexts. If you're separated from your boo, then you can get the fire started by having a strip Zoom sesh where you can burn the house down with your desires and passions.


Slide into a prospective lover's DMs and they'll be keeping you warm all the way through the night. Have fun and enjoy virtually cozying up to your new crush this Valentine's Day. Just be aware that while you're focused on flirting, they may be interested in pursuing a full-on relationship.


You're feeling more playful than ever, which means that it might be time to experiment with kinkier sex or pull out those thigh-high latex boots. When it comes to getting frisky with your partner, speak up! Ask for what you want and you'll receive it in spades. 


Always one to be on the sexual fringe (on the DL, of course), consider exploring tantra to open your mind. It will take you to new heights and allow you to connect with your partner on a deeper level. 


You'll be in the mood to sex-press yourself this Valentine's Day! This means sending thirst traps and scintillating texts to the person you're crushing on or your S.O. In return, you will receive double the amount of photos and messages that you send out. Be sure to reciprocate the attention.


It may be cold outside, but that doesn't mean the chill will make its way towards your bedroom. No matter if you're cuddled up with your boo or flying solo, you'll have a pleasurable night. If you're up for it, try experimenting with different sex toys and new positions for enjoyment.