Venus and Mercury are sending some seriously mixed signals.

What the Stars Have in Store for Your Valentine's Day Plans
Credit: Leah Flores/Stocksy

Whether you dread Valentine’s Day or are a total sucker for the holiday, February 14 happens to be an advantageous day to show your sweetheart a little love — astrologically speaking.

Thanks to love planet Venus, it’ll be one of the final days this month where demonstrations of affection will stand a chance at being taken at face value — rather than scrutinized within an inch of their life. That's because of fast-approaching Mercury retrograde, which may require you to move your emotions to the back burner.

Ahead, what that means for your Valentine’s day plans.

Venus Wants Us to Speak Our Romantic Truths

Let’s start with the good, potentially steamy, news: From its outpost in passionate Aries, Venus will make us eager to flirt and flaunt how we feel, whether we're in a long-term relationship or just starting to stoke the flames of a new flirtation. Aries are known to be extremely honest people, sometimes to a fault. Since Venus moved into the sign of the Ram on the 7th, we’ve all been a little more forthcoming with our emotions and desires. If you’ve been holding back so far, take this as your invitation to be more open with your S.O. — or, if you’re navigating a new infatuation, to engage in the thrill of the chase.

Not only will this Venusian influence help you speak from the heart, it may also help you express yourself physically with your partner. Aries’ ruling planet is Mars, the red planet of action, if you’ll excuse the pun, which is why this sign is known for its brash honesty and its ability to communicate nonverbally in equal measure. If words fail you on Valentine’s Day, offer a massage or, if you want to keep the mood light, challenge your date to a pillow fight.

The catch with this planetary transit is that your honesty will be met with an equally unguarded reaction. Keep that in mind if you’re thinking about bearing your heart to a new lover who might not be ready to reciprocate. If you really want to share your feelings, you don’t have to stay silent – but you should be prepared for any outcome.

In sum, Venus has set the stage for a playful, no-holds-barred kind of love on Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of this devil-may-care mood while you can.

Mercury Retrograde Will Squash These Emotionally Open Vibes

Unfortunately, the first Mercury retrograde of the year will arrive right on the heels of V-Day on the 16th and sap our capacity for spontaneity. The messenger planet will be in sensitive water sign Pisces when it begins its backspin, meaning our intuition won’t be as sharp as usual and we may struggle to understand — let alone outwardly express — our feelings. In other words, this retrograde is poised to put a serious damper on the carefree energy with which Venus in Aries imbued us. Tread lightly if others seem on edge, spend time alone to sort out your emotions, and, if the retrograde stokes your impatience, remember that nothing good gets away.

We wouldn't want you to bottle up your feelings to the point of bursting, but Mercury retrogrades tend to run more smoothly when emotions are moved to the back burner. Between the 16th and March 9, when Mercury directs its course, you're probably be better off taking measured, thoughtful actions instead of giving into Venus' whims.

Bottom line: If you’re still waffling on how to spend your Valentine’s Day, hesitate no longer. Nail down some show-stopping plans for the 14th or 15th, and make them count. The retrograde might hinder our sense of romance, but if we make the days leading up to it extra steamy, those memories could get us through the chaos of the backspin.