The planet that rules physical attraction and our sex drives is getting busy on February 14th, exactly.

Valentine's Day Horoscope
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There are plenty of ways to drum up some romantic feelings that are completely of-this-world: Massage-oil candles and any pre-2014 song by The Weeknd immediately leap to mind. But, this Valentine’s Day, whatever sexy rendezvous you’re planning will get an added boost from the stars. Don’t believe us? Well consider this your Valentine’s Day horoscope, no matter your Zodiac sign. On February 14 exactly, Mars — the planet that rules physical attraction and our sex drives — will move into sensual Taurus. Then it’s red alert for absolutely everybody.

Since December 31 of last year, Mars has been in fiery, go-getter Aries. When the planet of action is in this sign, we feel invigorated to chase our passions at full speed. While this was wonderful energy to kick off 2019, it can lead us to neglect our closest loved ones (plus, it’s pretty darn tiring to sustain). Luckily, when Mars scoots into Taurus, we’ll get to hit the brakes and show ourselves — and our partners — some serious love and care.

As a languid earth sign with a mile-wide romantic streak, Taurus rewards very tangible (if somewhat cliché) demonstrations of affection. A bubble bath and massage? Yes. A luxurious dinner for two? That works, too. A searingly slow-burn night spent in bed? Oh, gracious, yes. If you’re looking for a love horoscope, the clearest explanation of what’s to come is that Mars in Taurus will urge you and your lucky date to revel in purely physical pleasures. And we can think of at least one special day in the coming week that would be the perfect time to express this influence.

If you aren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day until the following weekend, don’t stress about missing out on these vibes. Taurus will host the red planet until the end of March, so you’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy this sign-planet combo’s energy. Plus, Mars in Taurus won’t just boost your sensuality — it’ll also ask you to pause and check in with your progress elsewhere in life. If romance isn’t on tap for you this year, take advantage of this planetary placement for its practicality: Balance your checkbook, tidy up your home, and address your mounting workload with some truly Taurean meticulousness. (The love life boost is really just a bonus when you consider all this untapped potential.)

There’s yet another astrological reason to pencil in some alone time with your lover (or yourself, for that matter) — and it has nothing to do with a Roman priest who was beheaded on February 14. The full moon will reach its peak on the 19th in the sign of Virgo, lending us a newfound sense of clarity around our true feelings. In turn, we’ll feel empowered to express ourselves honestly and wholly. The cosmos is sending us a clear message this month: Go after what feels good — and enjoy it once you find it.

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