Credit: The Loren

In the age of hip beach locales, Bermuda feels a bit left behind. It’s not chi-chi enough to compete with St. Barts; it’s not as trendy as Tulum. It’s sort of like the tropical equivalent of a cucumber sandwich—nice in theory, but who really eats those? But now, with a string of fancy-pants hotels on the way, this resort-style destination demands a fresh look. Here, five reasons why Bermuda might just be the best summer getaway you forgot about.

1. The Flight

For east coasters, there is no more convenient tropical destination than Bermuda. From New York City, the flight clocks in at just under two hours. That's less time than driving out to The Hamptons (and no traffic!). JetBlue, Delta, and American Airlines fly nonstop from New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami—and, because Bermuda is a British overseas territory, there are nonstop flights from London, too.

2. The Chic Hotels

This winter, Bermuda welcomed its first new-built hotel in nearly half a century: The Loren. The hotel, which offers 45 suites and villas, as well as private residences, is a modern reprieve from pink-and-cerulean-colored chintz of the island. Each room comes with a bubble-bath-beckoning freestanding tub and a private balcony. But The Loren's crown jewel? The view. The hotel is situated atop Bermuda's pink beach and features floor-to-ceiling windows in the lobby and dining rooms, giving way to jaw-dropping oceanfront vistas. Grab dinner at Marée, the hotel's swanky restaurant, which boasts a locally-sourced four-course "experience menu." It will almost certainly be your most memorable night in Bermuda.

Credit: The Loren

3. The Food (and Drinks)

The Loren's Marée isn't the only reservation-worthy hotel restaurant on the island. In 2015, celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson opened his Caribbean-inspired restaurant at the historic Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. The eponymous restaurant offers locally-sourced seafood, twists on Bermudian classics, and even Samuelsson's famed chicken and waffles. And if you're looking for a nightcap, go where the locals go: The Swizzle Inn. Home to Bermuda's national drink, the rum swizzle, the Inn has been getting locals and tourists tipsy since the 1930s.

4. The Natural Beauty

Bermuda is famous for its rose-colored beaches—but what's underwater is pretty incredible, too. There are over 300 shipwrecks in Bermuda's waters, making it a must-dive (or snorkel) destination for any traveler. If you're more of an on-land-kind-of-girl, don't miss The Crystal and Fantasy Caves, an otherworldly network of granite caves with enough stalactites and stalagmites to keep you wandering for hours.

5. The Scooters!

Car rentals are forbidden in Bermuda, but that doesn't mean you can't explore the island on your own two wheels. Scooters are the preferred method of transit, and it's easy to see why: They're the perfect vehicle for taking in the winding beach-side roads and you can travel the entire length of the island in roughly an hour. Just think of the Instagram likes!