Here's Where to Go on Your Next Vacation Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Geothermal power station in the distance.
Photo: Edward Norton/Getty

Summer holiday season may be over, but the truth is that before you know it, December will be knocking on your door. So if you are planning on spending the holidays some place else (and we don't mean your parents' coach in your hometown), you should probably start thinking about a destination. And deciding on one is not as simple as it sounds, especially if you are travelling with other people.

So to make things easier for you, the folks over at Travel + Leisure suggest you leave that decision to astrology. Our personalities are at least partially influenced by our zodiac sign so there is nothing wrong with consulting with the stars before you go ahead and book that $1000 airplane ticket.

Take Sagittarius, for example, which also happens to be my sign (nope, I didn't pick it at random). As travelers, we tend to favor far-flung, under-the-radar locales because they make us feel like we are discovering something new. The perfect vacation spots for my fellow Sags would be Istanbul, Mongolia, or Iceland, which is kind of great because, I *just* booked a birthday trip to Iceland.

Virgos, since this is your month, the stars suggest a bike tour through Southern Italy or a walking tour of Paris would make you the happiest. We hear September in Europe is beautiful.

For more, head to Travel + Leisure.

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