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The Ultimate Guide to Edinburgh

Jun 15, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

The moment your eyes land upon the craggy cliffs and mist-laden walls of the Edinburgh Castle, you’ll instantly comprehend the near-mystical inspiration that captivated J.K Rowling and provided the home of her hero Harry Potter. The crooked steps of medieval tenements and cobblestone closes of Old Town lend themselves to re-tracing the steps of Robert Louis Stevenson as he created the hair-raising Dr. Jekyll and gentlemanly Mr. Hyde. Edinburgh is a city meant to get under your skin and into your imagination.

It’s not impossible to navigate the city by bus or on foot. If you choose the latter, secret gardens, stunning vistas, and vibrant pubs will not disappoint. The city center balances its past and present seamlessly, while the immediate outskirts offer quaint countryside walks dotted with antique stores and royal residences.

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Here, our favorite places to stay, shop, eat and do in this city of nearly half a million people.