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Have you always dreamed of acting out J.Lo's "Luh Ya Papi" music video IRL? We know, silly question. Well now you can live your most fabulous #YachtLife thanks to Sailo, the online marketplace where people can list, find, and book boats and licensed captains in minutes. Picture Airbnb—but exclusively for boats—and you'll get an idea of what to expect from Sailo.

Whether you're visiting Miami Beach for a girls-only weekend, exploring the Caribbean with bae, or just a New Yorker who wants to enjoy a relaxing day on the Hudson, Sailo offers both experienced and inexperienced boaters the opportunity to view and compare boats and captains based on date, location, price, size, and user reviews. Trust us, it is as easy to use as it sounds and you don't need a sailing certificate to rent a catamaran, for example.

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Credit: Bernardofoto for Sailo

"Most of our boats have captains available on demand, with the larger boats providing even more crew options like hostesses and chefs," Sailo's CEO and co-founder, Adrian Gradinaru told InStyle. "Besides captains and crew, our customers can also browse and select directly on the website a multitude of other add-ons (depending on the boat): catering packages, kayaks, jet skis, and even towels."

And price-wise, it really runs the gamut based on where you're going, when, and what type of boat you're looking for. For example, if you are visiting Europe, you can find a small motorboat in France for only $60/day or a mega yacht in Croatia for $53,744/week. For those of you traveling with a large group of people, there is an Event Planner tool that's very useful as it makes it easy to split payments (so you don't need to cover that $53K yourself) and update the itinerary.

Currently, Sailo has almost 5,000 boats across the U.S., Caribbean, Europe, and parts of Asia. So, basically, this could be you: