Don't Leave For Vacation Without This One App

Photo: Colin Anderson/Getty

With summer comes epic travel plans and with epic travel plans comes a long list of packing must-haves. We're sure you have a chic straw beach bag and gallons of sunscreen already stowed away, but there's one essential you'd be remiss to leave the house without and it doesn't take up any extra baggage space. Because it's an app. And it's here to seriously upgrade your vacation.

Peek, which touts itself as the virtual one-stop shop for finding activities to do while you’re away in cities across the world, was founded by Ruzwana Bashir after she spent nearly 20 hours planning and researching things to do before her trip to Istanbul. She thought there had to be an easier way to book unforgettable travel experiences—food tours, nightlife, activitiies—but when she couldn't find one, she created it.


The app works with quality vendors who coordinate with Peek's travel experts to choose the coolest and most unforgettable experiences in cities across the world. A day trip to Yosemite to tour the park? No problem. Japanese cooking class in London? Got it. Swimming with whales in Los Cabos? Why not?

If you're not really sure where to begin, there's a feature that helps the experts handpick the right experiences for you, based on your preferences between images. "Choose the photo that appeals to you" leads to a traveler type, like nature lover, which then offers you a list of relevant options in the city of your trip. Detailed user reviews help guide your decisions.

Peek makes it all too easy to book an adventurous excursion or just a fun night out on the town online via computer or your phone. Plus it breaksdown exactly what each experience will include—i.e. food, equipment (if necessary), etc. It's essentially the Open Table for travel plans and we don't plan to leave home without it.

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