By Ruthie Friedlander
Updated Dec 12, 2016 @ 12:00 pm
Credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Fisher

If you follow Jennifer Fisher, you know that jewelry is only one of about one thousand of her interests. Next to her family comes her collection, and then comes…food.

All you have to do is look at the Lifestyle section of her website to know that she has recipes for days – and the photos of her dishes look as beautiful as her jewelry.

Earlier this month, Fisher hopped the pond to attend the Fashion Awards, in partnership with Swarovski. It was of no surprise to us that choosing where to dine was as important as choosing a dress to wear to the Awards. (She did, by the way, opt for a Roland Mouret emerald green wrap dress. Perfect choice.)

Here, she gives us four of her favorite food establishments in London town.

Credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Fisher

“I brought a loaf home and made breakfast with it last week. I am always looking for a new toast option. And, yes, I hand carried the loaf home. It is delish with avocado mash and a poached egg.”

Credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Fisher

“I am a huge fan of Raisin Danishes. During one hour of free time, I went searching and I found Beyond Bread. I grabbed one, along with a dairy-free flat white before my meetings at Net-A-Porter. It was the perfect snack. I also got a chocolate custard stick, which I saved for later.”

Credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Fisher

“This is actually around the corner from Beyond Bread. I grabbed a Number 4 [a juice with celery, leafy greens, green pepper, batavia, lemon, and coriander]. I don't normally juice, but wanted to try it. It was delish and I loved the coriander notes. I'm bummed I didn't grab two. They also had homemade nut butter and energy bites.”

Credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Fisher

"I'm a huge fish and chips fan, and thankfully there are now gluten free options out there. Get the mushy peas too!"

Visit Jennifer Fisher's JF Kitchen for the jeweler's own favorite recipes.