By Alexis Bennett
Updated Jan 30, 2018 @ 1:30 pm
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Imagine relaxing in a chic Airbnb just like Beyoncé in the picture above. You've been working hard all year, so you might as well treat yourself to a dreamy getaway soon. But finding the perfect Airbnb isn't always easy, especially for first timers. You're already traveling into unfamiliar territory, but finding the perfect spot doesn't have to be difficult. Learn exactly how to find a chic Airbnb, with our insider tips below.

1. Think Outside the Box

Of course, you'll need the basics like a bed and bathroom. But a house or an apartment are only a small part of what Airbnb has to offer. Make your trip unforgettable by staying at =6" title="an adventurous treehouse" context="body"] or a =5" title="European castle" context="body"]. You can even book a castle on Airbnb.

2. Map Out Your Activities

Before you book that Airbnb, make a list of all of the activities you'll want to cross off of your to-do list during your vacation. Then, use the map to see how far each place is from your potential Airbnb. Just because it's in the city you're flying to, doesn't mean it'll be conveniently located next to all of the sightseeing you have planned. Professional Airbnb-ers know to be specific when searching. Try entering a street or narrowing things down to a specific neighborhood. Bonus tip: Don't forget to find out if your Airbnb is close to public transportation or Uber accessible.

3. Double check the rules

When you're traveling abroad, you'll need to make sure you triple check the rules and guidelines associated with your booked Airbnb. Some hosts are pretty flexible with any-thing-goes attitudes. But depending on where you're traveling to, you could run into apartment buildings that have curfews or quiet times that might not be ideal for your epic girls' trip.

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4. Check Out the Surrounding Neighborhood

Use Google maps to pull up a satellite view of the area where you'll potentially stay. You might fall in love with the Airbnb, but the neighborhood might not be as ideal once you look at the panoramic images of the streets.

5. Choose Your Host Wisely

There are so many ways to define a good host. But the best ones will align with your specific needs. If you're looking for some alone time, a chatty host that's excited to show you around town might not be right for you. It's all about your preferences, so make sure you read the reviews to get a feel for the type of host at your Airbnb.

6. Optimize Your Profile

The host isn't the only one under review. Make sure your profile sends good vibes to the host as well. After all, you'll be staying in someone's home, so your reservation request can be declined. Upload a good picture, completely fill out the bio field, and take the time to get a Verified ID badge on Airbnb. And whatever you do, make sure you always clean up after yourself and don't EVER get a bad review.

7. Negotiate the Price

Not every price is set in stone. If you're adventurous enough to wait closer to your travel dates, the host just might come down on the listed price since it hasn't booked yet. So don't be shy. Speak up—you never know what could happen.