Wanderlust Setting in? We Have Just the Deal for You

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The reasons to travel are endless. Valentine's Day is just around the corner (hello, romantic getaway!) and winter, at least for us Northerners, is in full-swing (sun, where you at?). Besides that, it's been a while since we were able to really treat ourselves—and what better way to do so than via a spontaneous getaway?

Starting today, you can book your next vacation via Hotels.com* and save $50 when you spend $300 or more on your reservation. How it works? The hotel booking service is offering InStyle readers an exclusive promo code ("50OFFTIME") when you book from now through Feb. 14.

That means you have to act quick because there's only five days left to decide where you're going. Will it be New York City? If so, we love The Night Hotel (rates from $109/night; hotels.com) for its convenient location to big city attractions. Or, if you're thinking of heading to the West coast, The Standard in Downtown L.A. (rates from $179/night; hotels.com) is a very stylish option. Finally, should you be traveling to Atlanta to escape the cold, we'd definitely suggest the Four Seasons (rates from $299/night; hotels.com) because you might as well live it up.

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With this InStyle-exclusive promotion, the options for where you can go are endless. When you spend, you save on most any hotel offered through hotels.com—and that's the way we like to travel.

*Some exclusions apply. Promotion applicable when traveling between Feb. 9, 2017, to April 2, 2017. This promotion lasts through Feb. 14, 2017.

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