7 Reasons Why Charleston Is the Perfect Destination for a Girl's Trip

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There are a million reasons why Charleston, South Carolina makes a great vacation, but a recent weekend there with friends convinced me that it’s one of the best places to take a girls trip. After spending years doing girls trips to places like Miami and Mexico, I’m forever sold on Charleston as my future spot. Below, seven reasons why you need to plan a getaway here with the girls.

The Rooftop Bars

Girls trips in my world mean an abundance of cocktails (at least when it comes to my crew), so endless rooftop bars scattered around the city offer incredible city views while you’re kicking back that Moscow Mule. One of my favorites is a spot called the Pavillion Bar tucked away at the top of the Market Pavillion Hotel. Brace yourselves, it’s as charming as can be. Bonus for all the live music down there, which adds to an incredibly fun night out.

The Amazing Southern Food

There is no shortage of adorable restaurants with incredible Southern Cuisine. In fact, the biggest problem you’ll have with restaurants is narrowing down your options. For a night on the town with the girls, my favorite was seafood and oyster hall The Ordinary, followed by Fig. Both are delicious, both are charming, and both set the stage for a fabulous night out.

The Late Night Eats

Speaking of a fab night out, we ended ours around 2 am with a stop for late-night biscuits at a little spot called Hot Little Biscuit, where they churn out buttery creations that are worth every single calorie.

The Bikes

One of my favorite things about the city is the fact that you can ride bikes all over town, how cute is that?

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The Beaches

These speak for themselves, but the proximity to the ocean coupled with the convenience of the city is a dream come true.

The Desserts

It was a friend of mine’s birthday while we were there, so we ordered a custom cake from an adorable bakery called Sugar Bakeshop. It was quite literally the best cake I’ve ever tasted, and I will tell you that I’ve tried a LOT of cakes in my time. A lot. It’s also one of the cutest bakeries I’ve ever stepped foot into. Another bonus of Charleston, there seem to be samples of desserts on every single block. From cookie tastings to fudge samples, the desserts are everywhere, and we loved every second of it.

The Cute Boutique Hotels

It comes as no surprise that charming Charleston would house the most charming hotels. One of the cutest I discovered was The Spectator, a luxury boutique hotel with incredible service and a stellar lobby-level bar where craft cocktails are a must-try. They even steam your dresses for you upon arrival, no extra charge.

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The Shops

Around every corner is another cute boutique with everything from day dresses to unique jewelry. It’s impossible to hit them all (I certainly tried), but it’s easy to spend an entire afternoon checking them out.

Charleston, you’ve got my heart.

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