By Hana Hong
Updated Aug 10, 2016 @ 11:45 am
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You have to travel for work; you can’t afford a $30 barre class; you fear you’ll collapse mid-burpee and humiliate yourself. Those excuses for missing your workout no longer fly, thanks to the host of new fitness apps and online subscriptions taking over the community.

There’s a website for your every cardio craving, from Pilates to boot camps, and some are taught by celeb trainers that you likely could never book in person. Bonus: Many of the sites are far kinder to your wallet than a monthly gym fee.

Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser is the founder of AKT in Motion, one of the fastest-growing workout methods in New York City, and one that encompasses a full spectrum of fitness elements, from yoga and dance to strength training and plyometrics. She works with Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofia Vergara, Kelly Ripa, Shakira and Naomi Watts, to name just a few of her star-studded clients.

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However, Anna’s personal clients didn’t want to lose results when they were on the go. The app version of AKT was sparked from this need — to create a solution for travelling individuals. All of the videos are available in the app without WiFi, and you can stream them wherever you are. You can also interact directly with Anna and the trainers by commenting on the videos, or participate in forums so you can get involved with the community.

The app has a lot of different options but the best part is the subscription. You can get access to all of the videos on demand; the program boasts over 55 videos, which equals to over 2000 minutes of workout — ranging from 10 minutes to 90 minutes.

Different packages are available depending on your level of commitment or duration of travel: a weekend’s worth of material, a ten day pass, or monthly/yearly subscriptions are all available on the browser.

Credit: Courtesy Saks Fifth Avenue

“We understand that everyone is different, and we don’t want to create a one size fits all solution,” Anna said.

The app also has a lifestyle component with videos that range from how to make your workspace more ergonomic to how to improve your posture. “It really is a 360 approach to fitness and lifestyle. It’s like the AKT brand and what we offer in the studios, but we wanted to offer that at home as well.”

Anna says this app stands out from other fitness programs because of its personal and comprehensive nature. “We put a lot of time and money and research into the actual content that we are delivering. We are not an online streaming company. We’re not a company that goes into a studio two or three times a year and shoots a bunch of video. We are working with clients day in and day out — understanding what works, what they want, what they need. Then we are taking that content and delivering it through the on-demand portal. You’re literally getting the exact same workout at home that you’re getting in any of our studios.”

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This means it’s the ideal solution for traveling women; you can do the program virtually anywhere — in a hotel, on the beach, even internationally — so there are #noexcuses for giving up your fitness routine.

AKT offers a remote video transformation program where people can set up a live Skype session with a trainer who curates your personal programs together. You can even call in and speak to a nutritionist, work out with a trainer live, or talk to a fitness concierge. It can really be as extensive and streamlined as you want it to be.

Anna likes to think of her studio as a lab. “In our studio, we really get to touch, feel, interact with our clients. There are a lot of workouts out there, but they are not all well done. We’re not just doing a bunch of exercise behind a white script. We care about the people that we are touching and it’s not just for content’s sake. It’s really an experience and an extension of everything we are working on in our studio to bring it into a lifestyle, not just a workout.”

So what advice does the celebrity trainer have for those of us looking to step up our health and fitness while traveling?

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The first thing is changing your mindset. Nothing is going to happen if you start one day and stop the next. According to Anna, “It’s hard, but you’re going to feel so much better afterwards and it’s 100% worth it. You can feel the endorphins going, you’re focused, and your whole day is better. Every single day, you’re going to get closer and closer to your goal and to being connected — mentally, emotionally, and physically — to your life.”

Anna also says she personally loves working out first thing in the morning. “Wherever you are, wake up 15-30 minutes earlier, push play on your computer, and do 10 minutes of workout. You can know you got it in, erase the guilt, and feel excited for the rest of the day.”

If you’re travelling, Anna recommends always toting snacks with you. “When you’re on a plane, antioxidants are really important. Fiber and water help with inflammation. And make sure to get outside immediately when you land somewhere so you balance your circadian rhythm, which will help with sleep.”

But the most important thing when it comes to fitness? Be consistent.

“Stick with it. Do it every day even if it’s only ten minutes. Sometimes you overcommit, and if you overcommit, you’re setting yourself up for failure.”