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Searching for and successfully planning a trip around an iconic adventure is time-consuming, overwhelming, and oftentimes elusive. Currently, around 85 percent of the world's tour operators are incapable of accepting e-commerce transactions, making it all but impossible for travelers to find and purchase them online. However, one-stop-shop social media sites featuring travel and tours eliminate the cumbersome process of searching and planning for an once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Among them is Travoom, a new curated marketplace for bucket list escapades. The travel hot spot was founded by entrepreneur Doug Knittle—best known for building the online marketplace for hard-to-find tickets to sold-out events, RazorGator. Initially fashioned to help travelers find elusive, impossible-to-find tours like safaris, trekking adventures at Everest, or Masters Golf experiences, Knittle is now taking his skills from the sports arena to beyond.

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By empowering people to discover, share, and book an entire bucket list experience without any search requirements, Travoom presents the traveler with vetted components necessary to bring the trip to life—tickets, lodging, flights, and more.

Travoom's searchless travel approach means a bucket list can be discovered, shared, and booked in minutes—without the endless search-driven lunacy and inefficiency that comes with all travel planning. After their exciting exploits, travelers can post reviews and rate their experiences by posting pictures and videos for their fellow travel enthusiasts.

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"We all have a few bucket list travel experiences in mind, and is here to help travel wish-listers discover and plan those trips of a lifetime," said Knittle. "We've built social sharing capabilities, so you can easily organize your own travel Bucket List, plus see what your friends have 'bucketed' and find new adventures you didn't even know were possible."'s bucket list travel marketplace includes features like a personalized "Bucket List" that can be liked and shared on, or via social media channels with friends and family. The site's "Ask the Seller" feature also allows travelers to customize their trips through an instant messaging system that connects them directly with the tour operator.