By Dobrina Zhekova
Updated Aug 08, 2016 @ 11:15 am
Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos
Credit: Dave Benett/Getty Images

When it comes to all things Italian like pasta, gelato, and fashion, there is only one person we'd take advice from for all three—designer Margherita Missoni. So if you are planning on visiting her native Milan any time soon, prepare to take notes.

In an interview for Food & Wine, the heiress revealed that the best place to enjoy a simple pasta and tomato dish is the three-Michelin-star family-owned restaurant Da Vittorio in Bergamo.

And because you can't go to Italy without having some gelato, Missoni suggests you head to Gelateria Sempione for some chocolate sorbet. Apparently, it's so good, the designer sometimes has it instead of lunch.

Missoni also admits she is the only one in her big family who doesn't cook but she says she preapres a Swiss dish called frittatensuppe—a thin omelet from eggs, flour, and parsley, rolled and cut into the shape of tagliatelle with broth.

If this is what Italians mean when they say they can't cook, then imagine what someone who can cook would prepare for you!

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