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Updated Sep 09, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Wellness Retreat LEAD
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As a New Yorker, I often times feel like if it’s not a 5+ hour flight and it’s not somewhere that requires a jet across the continent, it’s not cool enough to merit a true, proper vacation (hey, my vacation days are sacred). But I recently discovered the joy of taking smaller weekend getaways this past year as opposed to saving all of my vacation for the end of the year, and it all started with a life-changing weekend trip to Puerto Rico.

One Thursday evening I packed my weekender and headed to JFK for a three-day getaway with a girlfriend, no passport required.

Just a few hours flight (yet far, far away from honking cabs, crowds, and a very dirty, very hot Big Apple) landed me in pure tranquility. I have to admit, I’ve traveled to most tourist hot spots in the Caribbean in my lifetime, but I had never set foot in Puerto Rico. However, with the influx of luxury hospitality offerings popping up over the past couple of years plus recommendations from friends my interest piqued, and thus began my Googling of places to stay in PR. I ended up holing up at The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, and after I got there I learned that I followed in the footsteps of some famous guests, including Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Rowland (I have good taste, so it turns out).

When I travel, my idea of perfection is a great pool and beach, coupled with a rich offering of wellness activities, fresh food, and a killer spa. I was in luck, because the property features include an on-site “green team,” Jean-Georges’ restaurant Fern (fresh food at its finest), the 10,000 square foot Remède Spa (heaven on earth), and a seaside pool and esplanade overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, in addition to the private beach (bonus, bonus, bonus).

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There’s also hiking, a golf course, kayaking and nature walks, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves—I only had three days. But unlike many trips I've been on, I came back from this one feeling more renewed and refreshed, as opposed to exhausted and feeling unhealthy. I took a yoga class, relaxed, and worked out all the kinks out with a massage. Now back to the most important part; can someone tell me when my next weekend getaway is booked for?