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Updated: Apr 20, 2016 @ 3:58 pm
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Since the weather here in NYC has been unseasonably warm, I'm already excitedly dragging my transitional Spring wardrobe out of my closet. Spring means the return of eating outside at restaurants, drinking on rooftops, and reading in the park so it is obviously a very good thing. However, my favorite thing about the changing of the seasons is getting to unleash my favorite winter-to-spring staples on the unsuspecting masses.

I enjoy the sartorial choices necessitated by the change from winter to Spring more than any other seasonal shift. I love the lifting of layers, the revealing of legs again, and the fact that — thank the blessed lord — it's still not actually hot outside. Seriously, I hate dressing for deep summer in NYC, everything is uncomfortable and I'm miserable when it's humid and OMG kill me. 

The key to surviving the Springtime seasonal change is a killer wardrobe full of some standard basics to carry you through the season. Below I have listed out my favorite staples that I bust out every April (and this year, in March) to carry me into the heights of Spring weather.

Bring on the daffodils *and* my awesome wardrobe.

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A Knee-Length Denim Skirt


I know, I know, denim skirts used to remind me of rocking denim miniskirts and Uggs in the tragic fashion time period known as the early 2000s. (I have an excuse though, because I was in High School, and I lived in Ohio). However, the modern incarnation of the classic denim miniskirt is now a total game changer — a knee-length denim skirt. 

The piece is incredibly seasonally versatile, as you can wear it with tights and a sweater while it's cooler, and transition into bare legs and a button down as the temperatures rise.

A Light V-Neck Sweater


A wise woman once said, "never underestimate the power of a great v neck." (This may or may not be a real quote...). Either way, it's extremely important to note that light v neck sweaters are multipurpose af. A good V-neck sweater can be layered with shirts and jackets in the winter and then worn alone with skirts, joggers, or even shorts, come Springtime. 

The one I'm rocking here is a vintage Lacoste sweater that I borrowed from my guy friend (and I'm never giving it back... sorry Nick!). But I also own many other options that I wear with glee once April rounds the corner. 

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A Great Shirt-Dress


Oh my God, I'm obsessed with the H&M Divided Plaid Shirt-dress that I'm wearing here. I bought while I was studying abroad in London in 2008, and I've worn it pretty much every single year in a different iteration ever since. It might be one of the oldest piece of clothing that I own, now that I think about it! 

hirt-dresses are perfect for the Spring transition because you can wear them with leggings or tights and then stop wearing those pesky layers as soon as the temperatures rise. They're also so comfortable and so easy to wear, and there are styles that look great on everyone. I wear mine loose and flow-y, but I have others that I love to belt and cinch at my waist depending on what my heart desires.

A Perfect Romper


I know, I KNOW this is controversial. But I steadfastly believe that it is possible for anyone to find a romper that works for them. And even if you're one of the dogmatic romper-haters of the world, you have to admit, albeit begrudgingly, that they can be so so comfortable. I'm tall, so for many years I believed that a comfortable romper would forever evade me, however eventually, with some random luck, I stumbled upon my favorite Yumi Kim romper and I promptly bought it in three colors (thank God it was on sale!).

Another great think about rompers is you can get them in multiple different lengths and styles. From short sleeved to wide legged, they run the gamut and are a great transitional piece to welcome Spring.

A Funky Pair of Joggers (Mine Are in Leather)


Joggers are also going to be a controversial piece on this list (I'm predicting this right now), and the fact that I'm calling faux leather joggers a Spring transitional piece is absolutely going to raise some eyebrows. But I don't care, there's only a few months in Spring where you can still wear faux leather pants until it gets too hot, and if you pair them with a white T Shirt and sneakers or a white button down and heeled boots, you're good to go for the day. The H&M pants I own were an epic Black Friday choice this year, but you can get a lot of other amazing versions at other retailers.

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Transitional Cut-Out Boots


I love waxing rhapsodic about how much I love boots. (Spoiler alert: I really love boots). The best boots to transition to Spring are ones with strategic cutouts so that they still function as practical footwear when the weather is a bit dicey, but they also aren't full on winter boots made for snow and slush. I'm wearing my favorite basket weave Free People boots, but there are many many other amazing options. I want to buy them all. (Seriously, I need to sell an organ or something because BOOTS).