TikTok's Viral Above-the-Waist G-Spot Technique, Explained

Sex therapists and an ob-gyn agree: this is absolutely a thing.

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TikTok Loves This New G-Spot Stimulation Trick, and Here's Why It Works
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Whether you just feel like you need to shake things up in the bedroom or are looking for a new path to pleasure, it never hurts to experiment with a new technique — especially one that social media can't seem to stop raving about. The latest involves stimulating the G-spot — by pressing down on your stomach.

In a now-deleted TikTok, a woman who goes by @love.ria.nurse shared a clip noting that for people with vulvas, pushing down on their lower stomachs during sex can "stimulate the G-spot from the outside." The TikTok quickly went viral, stirring up a lot of buzz around the efficacy of the tip.

Here's what sex experts — and even an ob-gyn — have to say on the matter.

How the TikTok G-Spot Stimulation Trick Works

You already know the clitoris is one of the – if not the — go-to erogenous zone for people with vulvas. But the G-spot is worth exploring as well, points out ob-gyn Lyndsey Harper, M.D., founder and CEO of Rosy, a sexual health wellness technology platform.

More of a "zone" than a spot, per se, the area is located on the anterior — aka front — part of the vagina and includes part of the clitoris, the tissue around the urethra (periurethral tissue), the urethra itself, and the tissue of the anterior vagina, explains Dr. Harper.

The G-spot can be stimulated just like the clitoris and can be intentionally — or sometimes, pleasurably "accidentally" — hit while stimulating your vagina internally with a sex toy or having penetrative sex.

So, say you're having intercourse, being stimulated manually by your partner, or masturbating with an internal toy. "Pushing down slightly on the lower abdomen of a person with a vulva while penetrating with penis/toy/fingers puts additional pressure on that front wall, increasing the sensation of whatever is penetrating against the internal part of the clitoris," explains Casey Tanner, certified sex therapist and expert for LELO. "Essentially, you're creating a clitoris sandwich, in which whatever is penetrating is creating pressure on one side, and your hand is creating pressure on the other."

Dr. Harper agrees that this is absolutely a thing. "Just as internal pressure on this area can increase pleasure, it seems that external pressure may intensify the sensations experienced during orgasm," she explains.

Tanner adds that the increase in pressure can also reduce the time it takes to orgasm, increase clitoral sensitivity, and make penetration more pleasurable for people with vulvas. "This is groundbreaking because many people with vulvas do not experience orgasm through penetration but may find that using this technique brings them closer to penetrative orgasm or enhances pleasure," she says.

And if you engage in this move during partnered play, you're likely going to enjoy a bump in intimacy. "Anytime a partner is open to experimentation to increase your pleasure and experience, that says a lot about your sexual relationship and communication," says Dr. Harper. "These skills can intensify our feelings for our partner as any caring and generous act might."

Shannon Chavez, Psy.D., a psychologist and sex therapist in Los Angeles, California adds that the lower abdomen is not only a sensitive spot for many people but an area around which we might carry shame or other psychological blocks due to body image ideals. "Many people don't want their belly touched or looked at, so to receive pleasure in this way can help you to be more vulnerable and connected with your partner," she points out.

What to Know Before Giving It a Shot

Of course, just like any other sex tip, this TikTok-loved method isn't for everyone. "Every body is different, so there's no guarantee this method will work, and it may be uncomfortable for some," says Amy Baldwin, sex educator, sex and relationship coach, and co-host of the Shameless Sex Podcast.

Tanner explains that it might not be for someone who's experiencing vaginal pain or uncomfortable tightness during penetration, for example. And if you have a sensitive bladder, be mindful of how much liquid you've consumed prior to trying, because you are also inevitably putting pressure on the bladder.

If it turns out it's not for you, it's possible to get a similar sensation from anal play, says Baldwin. For example, you might try inserting a butt plug, advises Baldwin. "Just like the lower abdominal technique, inserting something from behind — like a butt plug — while you're enjoying vaginal penetration can deliver just the right amount of pressure a G-spot needs," she notes. The bottom line: While this TikTok tip might be worth trying, given the potential for amplified pleasure, know it's just one of many ways to enhance your next romp between the sheets.

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