This Collection of Fitness Gear Is so Glam, I Actually Look Forward to Working Out From Home Now

Gilded hand weights — need I say more?

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Blogilates Target Collection
Photo: Courtesy/InStyle

Up until the pandemic, I would have never dreamed of relying so heavily on at-home workouts to de-stress and tone up, but now it's a way of life. While gyms remained closed for months on end last year, I found new ways to work out; and before I knew it, I was officially canceling my studio workout membership — despite businesses opening back up and resuming to the new normal. I've now fully committed to daily walks, hikes, and strength training sessions on my own, and have tested a few fitness apps (Peloton being my favorite, hands-down) to stay focused and motivated when I'm wistful for a trainer or heart-pumping, new workout class. I even invested in some rather stunning at-home equipment to fire up my living room gym sessions, and believe it or not, that's motivation in and of itself.

yoga mat

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The Blogilates fitness collection at Target is so pretty, guests always marvel at how gorgeous my hand weights and gilded weight rack are and immediately inquire for more details. Truth be told, I usually hide workout equipment in a closet when friends come over, but this collection is so good, I leave it out to display and wait for the compliments to roll in. In addition to the weights, a rep for the brand tells us that other best sellers include this gallon water jug and stainless steel water bottle.


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weight crack

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If you're not familiar with Blogilates just yet, allow me to introduce you to Cassey Ho, the superhero driving force behind her mega influencer fitness empire, who just so happens to have a standout collection of gorgeous gear available at Target, in addition to a number of other impressive endeavors. Ho is grounded, upbeat, and inspiring, and her workouts are effective yet approachable. Now that I've also tested a few pretty pieces from her Target line, it's safe to say that everything Ho touches turns to pure gold.

"As an activewear designer and a fitness instructor, colors, prints and the why behind a product really matter. Well-designed products and clothing motivate me to push harder. Anything that can encourage someone to get up and move — even if it's as simple as putting on a cute sports bra or picking up a glittering gold dumbbell — is something that has to be created because of its purpose-driven design," Ho told InStyle.

yoga bands

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"I design for the woman who loves working out as much as she loves her dessert. Her journey is about finding joy in her movement and balance in her lifestyle, so I wanted my gym equipment to look luxurious enough to be mistaken for home decor," she explained.

Safe to say, she nailed it. Shop this collection now before it's gone.

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