These Dogs are Having A Better Summer Than You Are

Photo: toastmeetsworld/Instagram

We already know that Insta-famous dogs live the dream. Ella Bean has more bags than Carrie Bradshaw. Bodhi the Menswear Dog's closet of dapper duds could rival Ryan Gosling's. And Toast has no shame in sharing her adventures summering in the Hamptons on her Instagram.

Now that summer's in full swing, we're finding ourselves getting more and more jealous looking at these pups living their best lives in beautiful places like Montauk, the Catskills, even Napa Valley. From posing in gorgeous vineyards to waking up on the beach, we are living vicariously through these four-legged celebrities.

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Let these dogs' photos inspire your summer bucket list!

1. Toast

Toast and momager Katie Sturino know a thing or two about summer relaxing.

2. Ella Bean

We are definitely jealous of Ella Bean's upstate New York breakfast spread.

3. Marnie

Cutie pie Marnie enjoys spending all her nice summer evenings outside on the balcony.

4. Aspen

Aspen is all about the outdoor sports—if there's hiking, canoeing, or kayaking involved, he is in.

5. Doug

Ugh, Doug's birthday picnic involved ALL of our favorite foods.

6. Agador

The @poochofNYC looks beyond dapper while enjoying a glass of wine al fresco.

7. Minzi

This three-legged Pomeranian has more adventures than most four-legged pups. Recently she enjoyed a peaceful hot air balloon ride in the beautiful spring weather.

8. René-Charles

You can just see the joy on René-Charles's face as he goes for his afternoon run on the beach.

9. Samson

Samson is the image of summer relaxation while hanging out oceanside on a hammock.

10. Manny

Manny's favorite summer activity? A classic ball game!

11. Pom Pom Chewy

Pom Pom Chewy is the coolest dog in town. The club can't even handle him right now.

12. Indie and Reese

When it's hot out, these two weiner-dogs can't wait to get their tongues on some cool, pupsicles.

13. Rosie

Rosie's cheeky grin shows exactly how she feels about summering in Montauk.

14. Chloe

And finally, Chloe has declared it officially oyster and rosé season! Woo-hoo!

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