By Lindsay Dolak
Updated Sep 07, 2016 @ 6:00 pm
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When it comes to wellness tech, I’ve tried just about everything. I currently own five different step and fitness trackers, two heart rate monitors, two scales, and the “Health/Fitness” shelf on my iPhone is full of various wellness apps all working to keep tabs on my lifestyle (when I actually input my data, that is). I am equipped with more data about my personal fitness and dietary habits than I know what to do with ... but seriously.

I love being able to keep a close eye on counts like how many steps I’ve taken or calories I’ve ingested in any given 24-hour period, but that information really only goes so far. It’s nice to be able to keep track of my routines, but ideally there would be some way to tally it all up in a larger assessment of my wellness lifestyle. Enter: STYR Labs, a fitness ecosystem that combines information from a system of devices to create customized nutrition products, vitamins, and protein blends, specific to each individual user.

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The entire ecosystem includes a standard activity tracker, a wireless scale, and a mobile app. It all arrived together at my apartment in one large, well-packed box and, upon opening said box, I was confronted with a promotional introductory video message from a small screen on the flip side of the lid. “Oh, this is fancy,” I thought to myself. The hardware itself is very sleek. The scale is all white with orange detail and a light-up display that only appears when weight is applied. I’m not big on wearing a fitness tracker around my wrist (it cramps my personal aesthetic), so I was pleased to see that the tracker can be removed from the wrist piece and inserted into a clip-on attachment that I can hide under my clothes.

Once I downloaded the app, I was prompted to switch on my Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to the tracker and the scale, a process that worked seamlessly. To weigh in, the app instructed me to stand on the scale and wait for the number to stop blinking. Once it settled on my weight, the number appeared on both the scale and my phone and logged into the app’s “weight” section. I then took short surveys about my dietary habits to assess which proteins and vitamins I might be running short on and which ones might add to my wellness experience. This information, combined with my daily physical activity, which I would log manually into the app by selecting the type of workout I completed (running, elliptical, weights, etc.) and the duration, steps, and my weight, would be how the ecosystem would begin to determine what vitamin and protein supplements would be recommended for me.

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I continued my daily use of the system, which required very little extra thought, as it’s a rather intuitive product that doesn’t require much manual data input. Over time, the vitamins and protein blends the app had originally recommended for me shifted as the system got to know me a little better. From there, once I felt like STYR had a good grip on my personal lifestyle, I would order the recommended vitamins and supplements directly from the app.

If you’re wondering who exactly is behind these supplement recommendations, it’s actually all research-based. The app works by using information from more than 250,000 scientific studies. The best part? You get full, detailed explanations about why certain vitamins were chosen for you and why a specific protein blend was created for you so you’re not blindly ingesting products with reckless abandon.

If nothing else, the ecosystem is an extremely convenient way to take all of the fitness information you’re already tracking with a slew of separate apps and packaging it nicely in one, easy-to-understand place.