Star Wars Couple
Credit: rlphotoart/Instagram

There's no better time than Throwback Thursday and "May the Fourth" (Star Wars's official holiday) to take a look back at one of the most incredible Star Wars inspired engagement shoots we've ever seen.

Rather than go the traditional route, California couple Victor Sine and his then fiancée, Julianne Payne, decided to have their bride and groom-to-be photos snapped in the middle of a desert dressed up like Star Wars characters Finn and Rey, respectively.

They even brought their baby girl (who was almost 1 at the time), Addie, along for the occasion, and transformed her into miniature robot BB-8.

The family's photos were inspired by the first part of "The Force Awakens" when viewers meet Rey in the city of Jakku, according to ABC News. As for why they did it, Sine told the network "We just like it." He added, "I've been pretty nerdy for a long time. I embrace it. And Jules loves things like anime and crafting and sewing, but she only recently—when we started dating last year—embraced her nerdy side. It's really cool to be able to do this together."

In the photos, they can be seen running from a photoshopped explosion as "Baby 8," as Payne liked to call their little one, sat in the sand and smiled. In another shot, the duo stands tall in the sand with their daughter at their feet.

When the couple tied the knot last May, they left their Finn and Rey costumes at home and opted for a gown and tux. They didn't completely step away from their affinity for Star Wars, though.

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Sine told ABC News they planned to get lightsabers for the reception so guests could raise them up for their photos. "We're thinking about maybe having a lightsaber battle," he added. "Like, we're going to start dancing and then pull out our lightsabers then battle for a second. And for Addie, we might give her a BB-8 hat."