By Sydney Mondry
Updated Apr 02, 2016 @ 4:00 pm
El Boricua
Credit: W Retreat & Spa – Vieques Island

As ideal as a sun-soaked spring break sounds, not everyone has the time (or vacation days) to ditch cooler climes for a week of chilling on the beach. You can, however, whip up an "El Boricua," a tropical cocktail from the luxurious W Retreat and Spa on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. “My inspiration behind this very Puerto Rican drink was sparked by the indigenous ingredients that one needs to create it,” says mixologist Robert Navarro. “The Puerto Rican rums and the local fruit make this drink Boricua [Puerto Rican] like the rest of us.” Lather on some self-tanner and try the recipe below.

El Boricua


2 oz Bacardi Coconut Rum
1 oz Bacardi Light Rum
1/2 oz lemon juice
1½ oz passion fruit juice
Passoa passion fruit liqueur to top ($16;
Lemon or lime slices, for garnish


Combine ingredients and finish with Passoa. Serve in a tall cocktail glass with lime or lemon garnish.