Words of 2016 - Lead 2016
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Let's be real: There are few things we'll miss about 2016, not the least of which is the bizarre jargon that's managed to sneak its way into our cultural lexicon. Those who don't spend hours scrolling through Instagram or Snapchat might have been confused by some of the slang that manifested this year—including "lit," "AF," and "salty," to name just a few—and rightfully so. Here, we compiled a definitive list of 16 words that we're looking to retire in the New Year, along with definitions, because, yes, some are just that head-scratching. Here's to 2017, kids.

1. TBH

To be honest.

2. Lit

Used either when something is great, or someone is heavily intoxicated. Or both.

3. Woke

When someone is fully aware of the current goings-on of the world.

4. Salty

Angry or upset.

5. Fam

A group of people you consider to be your family, even though you're not technically related.

6. Goals

When something is so incredible, you aspire to it.

7. Vibes

The environment around you.

8. AF

As f*ck.

9. Bae

An acronym used to describe a significant other that you'd choose "Before Anyone Else."

10. FOMO

Fear of missing out.

11. Yas

An expression of excitement and approval, popularized by the stars of Broad City.

12. Mood

Feelings or emotions.

13. Major key

Something that's essential to success, coined by DJ Khaled.

14. Turnt


15. Dope

Cool or awesome.

16. Gucci

Short for "good."