How to Use a Sex Swing to Take Your Orgasm to Another Level (Literally)

The underrated sex accessory isn’t only for the Samantha Jones among us.

Sex Swing Positions
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When you think about accessories to bring into the bedroom to enhance your sex play, chances are various types of vibrators, lingerie, lube, maybe light restraints like a silk tie or handcuffs come to mind. But if you want to take your gear game to the next level, you might consider a sex swing.

"A sex swing is designed for sexual play to make it easier to try different sexual positions and enhance your range of motion for sex," explains Shannon Chavez Psy.D., a psychologist and sex therapist in Los Angeles. "I think they are underrated as a standard sex accessory to help people explore a fuller range of sexual positions."

Here's what Chavez and other experts say you need to know about sex swings as well as several pleasurable sex swing positions.

How a Sex Swing Works

A sex swing looks like a normal swing, but it's designed to be mounted from your ceiling or it migh have a swing stand. Most have a hammock base for a seat, straps for your feet, and handles or adjustable straps to hold on to — and to bolster comfort — during partnered play, explains Chavez. "The base of the swing is strong and is meant to be able to swing your partner into the air or a position that allows different access to body parts," she notes. "The benefits of using a sex swing are more comfort during sex positions, which can be helpful for people with disabilities or physical barriers to sex."

For instance, sex swings can be especially beneficial for partners with a significant height difference, points out Megan Harrison, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Tampa, Florida. "Setting the straps and the height to be just right for whichever partner will use the swing can bring them, literally eye-to-eye, for deeply intimate and enjoyable sex," she explains.

What to Do Before Using a Sex Swing

In addition to making sure the swing is properly mounted for security and safety — ideally by a professional handyman — you'll want to practice sitting in the swing in different positions to figure out what you're most comfortable with, says Chavez.

"Try moving in the chair and swinging in different ways to find out how your body feels and how to properly support your body while in motion," she advises.

Then, when you get your partner involved, Chavez advises doing a "practice run without any sexual play" to pinpoint what positions and motions might feel best. "Set boundaries with a partner as to how you want to play in the chair and what is off-limits," she recommends.

Top Sex Swing Positions to Try

If you want to incorporate a sex swing into your play repertoire, consider trying the following expert-approved moves.

Standing Lotus

"This position allows the sitting partner to wrap their legs around the standing partner while being lined up evenly at the hips and genital area," explains Chavez. "You can also reverse this position into a wheelbarrow position where the standing partner holds the sitting partner's hips from behind and can directly swing or move the partner through hip and swinging motion."

Either way will offer you the benefit of being able to experiment with a range of motion and enjoy direct genital contact, thanks to the alignment of the hips.

Rocking Cowgirl

Whether you want a little extra support when you're on top or want to guard against fatigue or injury, you can use the swing to assist this classic riding on top position. "Make sure to adjust the swing to a lower height," explains Dainis Graveris, a certified sex educator with SexualAlpha.

The giving partner can then lie on the floor while the receiving partner sits in the swing above them. "The receiving partner sits down on the partner who's lying down and uses the harnesses for stability and the perfect ride control," explains Graveris.

You can add variety to the experience by using playful spins, back and forth bouncing, and any other movement pattern you have in mind, he says.

Backward Lapdance

You and your partner can both sit in the swing for this one. "One partner sits in the swing and the other sits on their lap," explains Jess O'Reilly, Ph.D., Astroglide's resident sexologist. "You both keep your feet on the floor and rock back and forth to your heart's content."

Airborne Missionary

For this one, the receiving partner lies back in the swing and stretches their feet out into the lower straps or stirrups, explains O'Reilly. "You can buy attachments for this purpose or tie stockings in a loop to create your own," she says.

Then, the giving partner stands between the receiving partner's legs. The standing partner can then stand perfectly still with their feet on the floor, using their hands to swing their partner back and forth during penetration, explains O'Reilly.

Flying Doggy

You probably already know traditional doggystyle is one of the best angles for vulva owners to stimulate their G-spot. Graveris says that doing it in a swing offers the same benefits, but you can steer clear of knee pain, back strains, and other discomforts that come from being on all fours.

"The receiver lies on the swing's seat, using their stomach for support," he explains. "Make sure to lean forward as far as you can. Then, open and extend your legs behind and hold your penetrating partner for support as they drive inside you."

He recommends using your free hands to pleasure yourself. You can also experiment with finding the perfect angle by swinging, tilting, or rotating.

Assisted Anal

Whether you're a newbie or it's tough to get the angle that feels best, anal sex can be tricky. But a sex swing can offer more options for getting the receptive partner's bottom at a just-right angle, says Harrison.

Start out by mimicking the position for doggy style and then experiment to pinpoint each partner's ideal positioning.

Suspended Oral or 69

What could be better than your partner going down? Enjoying it while you're fully supported by a sex swing. As the receiving partner, your whole body, including your legs and arms, can be suspended in the straps while the giving partner is kneeling or standing, explains Chavez.

If you want to aim for mutual pleasure, the sex swing can improve your 69 experience by offering weight relief, says Graveris. "It solves the problem of enduring uncomfortable amounts of pressure or getting 'crushed,'" he notes.

Either partner can sit in the swing's seat, then push their legs in front of them and their upper body as far back as possible, using the harness for support. Their partner can then stand over them facing the opposite direction. "Lean in, and use your mouth, fingers, or toys," says Graveris. The benefit: maximum comfort and pleasure.

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