This Month's New Moon In Virgo Will Force Us to Face Some Harsh Truths

It will deliver a much-needed dose of practicality and focus.

The New Moon In Virgo Will Ground Us, Focus Us, and Whip Us Into Shape (9/17)
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Ideally, the new moon should leave us feeling rested, recharged, and ready to handle what lies ahead in the immediate future. Last month, we may have been too busy wrapped up in our own self-conscious thoughts to rest, let alone prepare for what lies ahead, but this month’s new moon will get us about as close to the ideal as we can get.

Unfolding in earth sign Virgo this Thursday, September 17, the new moon will deliver a much-needed dose of practicality and focus, allowing us to see what we need to change about our everyday routines in order to feel more grounded. Keep in mind, however, that no one said an ideal new moon would be easy...

This new moon could reveal a truth that’s difficult to hear.

Thanks to the new moon’s thoughtful energy and Virgo’s uncanny ability to cut through the BS, a sudden (but welcome) sense of mental clarity could come over you during the new moon. Upon reflecting on your current problems or annoyances, you may suddenly be able to look more objectively at what's going awry in the situation and start to find a better, more efficient way to deal with it in the coming weeks.

However, from this newfound, less partial perspective, you may realize that making improvements to your life is easier said than done. You might need to have a tough conversation with someone you care about; you may need to learn to say no to something that you want but doesn’t serve you. As you reflect on your long-term needs (and how to address them), you’ll likely realize that a small sacrifice is needed in order to receive a greater reward later on. That could mean something as simple as giving up your habit of late-night Wikipedia browsing in favor of an earlier bedtime, or something as major as distancing yourself from a toxic friend group.

The Virgo new moon will reward solution-oriented thinking.

When faced with a challenge, Virgos can tend to get bogged down in the details, but they do their best work when they have a tangible goal in mind. Remember that as you navigate this lunar phase and try to keep your eye on the prize. If you want to optimize your wellness routine, don’t get caught up researching which fad or trend you should tailor your life to — instead, think about how you ultimately want to feel (More rested? More hydrated? More flexible?) and make changes that will get you closer to that feeling.

Similarly, if you want to address any issues in your relationships, consider how you and your loved ones would like to feel (Trusted? Cared for? Supported?) and discuss how you can both change to better garner those feelings. Again, it will likely be difficult, even daunting, to make these adjustments, but thinking like an earth sign and working steadily toward a particular goal will make them feel much closer and more attainable than they would otherwise. If you use the new moon to pinpoint your needs and layout a strategy to meet them, you’ll have the energy and concentration in the coming weeks to do just that.

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