September’s New Moon in Libra means love is in the air — plan your weekend accordingly.

Saturday's New Moon Could Give Your Love Life a Boost
Credit: Lauren Naefe/Stocksy

Ready for some sweetness? The full moon earlier this month led us to confront some serious inner turmoil, but the next new moon will remind us that there’s more to life than emotional strife — namely, that there’s the possibility that all that flirting you’ve been doing will one day pay off. When the moon goes completely dark and becomes “new” at 2:26 p.m. EDT on Saturday, September 28, it will be in Libra, the sign of love, beauty, and all things just.

If you’re a regular horoscope reader, it’s likely you’ve been hearing a lot about Libra season recently. The sun moved into this charming air sign last Monday, September 23, kicking off the month-long period when all of us (not just those who were actually born under this sign) fall under its influence and emulate its personality traits to a greater degree. It’s a time marked by idealism, interpersonal harmony, and romance. So, you could say we’ll already be in a pretty rosy mood before the new moon shows up.

As for the astrology behind the September new moon, you can expect to feel that Libran energy even more intensely, since the moon rules our emotions and moods. The new moon specifically turns our thoughts toward things to come (or, at the very least, things that have the potential to come), and Libra’s social inclinations will make us particularly optimistic about future partnerships.

If you’re in the initial stages of a relationship or just starting to dip a toe back into the dating pool, this lunar phase is for you. Spend it hunkered down with your new lover or thinking about what you’d like your love life to look like in the next few weeks, and feel free to fantasize a little — truth be told, it’ll be hard not to. Again, Libra is a very romantic sign, to the point that it can prioritize aesthetics and fairytale details over what’s realistic. Dream big and take a leap if you have someone you’ve been dying to ask out, but don’t let this heady energy lead you to overlook any glaring flaws or challenges along the way.

If love isn’t a priority right now, don’t worry about being left out. You can still reap the benefits of this new moon by focusing your newfound loving energy on the other relationships in your life, especially ones that are veering toward hitting the rocks. For all its flirtatiousness, Libra is also just as famous for its knack for diplomacy and mediation. If you and a friend or coworker have run into a rough patch, use the new moon to think up a plan to smooth things out.

After all, the new moon is nature’s reminder that life is cyclical — the opportunity to start anew, no matter the situation, comes around more often than you may think. And this month, a little added Libran hope won’t hurt anyone.