The name of the game this month? Getting it together. See what's in store for your sign, here.

September Horoscopes
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The temperatures may not reflect it quite yet, but the spirit of autumn is already starting to fill the air — and with it comes a renewed sense of responsibility. As we continue to roll through Virgo season, we should focus on getting organized and clarifying any plans made over the summer that still feel a little loosey-goosey (are you, for example, really going to take that road trip?). When Libra season begins on the 23rd, our worldview will take on a rosy tint and that summertime feeling that anything is possible. You’ll want to have your affairs in order before this idealistic period begins.

Speaking of idealism, the full moon on September 14th will provide an escape from practicality, and urge us to indulge in our fantasies for the night. This lunar phase will unfold in the imaginative sign of Pisces, so don’t be afraid to get a little whimsical. But keep things light-hearted — Piscean energy is notoriously sensitive, so have your fun, but guard your heart along the way.

A full monthly horoscope for every sign, below.

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Focus up, Aries. Ever since Mars moved into Virgo last month, you’ve had health on the brain. This month, you’ll be able to attain that desired sense of well-being, but that means avoiding the distractions that can seem oh-so alluring to your fiery sign. Don’t spend your energy engaging in petty disagreements or competing with others — you’ll just wind up burned out and angrier than usual. Instead, prioritize rest, hydration, and any hacks that keep you on task and following your routine.

After Saturn’s retrograde ends on September 18, try to resist the urge to fly off the handle — or accept any deals that seem too good to be true. You’re emerging from a long period in which you worked steadily toward measured success in your career. When this backspin lifts, it’ll be all too easy to charge full speed ahead, but to do so will be to forget everything you’ve learned since April. How can you channel your (often boundless) energy to see wins in the short- and long-term?

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You’ve been a particularly peaceful Bull lately, Taurus, and this month will present the opportunity to bring that sense of ease into the workplace. After your ruling planet, Venus, moves into Libra on the 14th, you’ll find it downright enjoyable to shoot the breeze with your deskmates — just make sure you keep up with the actual work. Analytical Mercury sliding into Libra alongside Venus will help you stay focused, but it could just as easily bring out your inner gossip. Find balance and keep your goals in mind, Taurus.

The end of the month will see you reassessing your routines. Most Bulls hold their schedules very near and dear, but if something about your day-to-day life needs to be tweaked (or abandoned entirely), it’ll stick out like a sore thumb on the 28th. The alternative might not leap out at you in the same way, and that’s fine — sit with your desire to change, and observe where your mind goes next. It’s so rare for you to feel this way, Taurus. Savor it.

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You’ll start September off looking outside of yourself and at the state of your innermost circle instead. How are things at home, Gemini? A quick check-in or lighthearted phone call to Mom and Dad might be all that’s needed to answer that question. But there’s a chance that your family (biological or chosen) needs more attention than that. Your charismatic communication style might be needed to ease an impasse or matters of control may explosively surface — luckily, until the 14th, you’ll feel drawn to work on familial issues anyway. After that date, however, you’ll need to find time to regain your sense of self, not to mention your sense of fun.

Libra season, which begins on the 23rd, will find you seeking playtime in earnest. While the sun is camped out in your fellow air sign, put your happiness first. Put in time with your hobbies, take that offer of a second date just for the fun of it, and lean into your desire for freedom — of expression, of movement, from judgment. Gemini season may have come and gone already, but this could be another chance to see how bright you can shine.

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For a water sign, you like to stay relatively grounded, Cancer. You find solace in the familiar, in the world of loved ones and creature comforts you’ve created for yourself. That said, the full moon on the 14th could shake that steady, stable foundation. Whether you like it or not, the distant call of the unknown will beckon you out of your shell, dear Crab, and ask whether your comfort zone is serving or actually limiting you. Remember that the whole point of making a home is that it exists as a place to come back to after a time away. If the urge to explore hits this month, see where it takes you — even if you don’t wander too far.

And, rest assured: When the moon, the celestial body that rules your sign, wanes to total darkness and enters Libra on the 28th, you’ll have an opportunity to stay home and mine your memories for lessons for the future.

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You’ll start this month with money and anything of value weighing heavily on your mind, Leo. How, where, and why you’re spending your hard-earned cash will be of great concern — and you may come to a realization that you need to redirect your funds or squirrel them away altogether. These reflections will come to a head on the 14th with the full moon in Pisces. A financial question must be answered; a conflict around your possessions needs to be resolved. Even for a decisive sign like yours, giving a final say on anything to do with money can feel daunting. Think back on when you felt the most financially secure and you’ll see your way forward.

Another precious resource, your time, could be in short supply as the month goes on. You’re so generous, Leo, but be sure your natural warmth doesn’t burn out from overuse. Commit only to the events you want to attend. Accept only the assignments that you want on your résumé. If you ruffle any feathers by saying “no,” you’ll know how to smooth them out.

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Your birthday season may be winding down, Virgo, but this is not the time to make yourself small. On the 14th, the powerful duo of Mercury and Venus will supercharge your house of finances, possessions, and security. Your naturally analytical mind will get a boost as you look over your earnings from last quarter and determine where improvements might be made. Take a particularly close look at your budget for “play” — enjoy yourself, Virgo, but beware of showy splurges that run counter to your true nature.

Your season ends for the year on the 23rd, when the sun moves on to your neighbor, Libra. Spending will still be an issue for the next month, Virgo, but this period won’t feel like solely a time of want. This is a chance to do what you do best: get organized for the future and do away with any cost that doesn’t add to your life (be it a delivery habit, a subscription, or that one friend who never pays you back).

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Before you can celebrate the start of your solar season on the 23rd, there are some dues that need to be paid, Libra. Namely, the full moon on the 14th will ask you to make a resolution around your lifestyle and how you stay healthy, motivated, and organized. Such fundamental, meat-and-potatoes matters might not match the dazzling display of the full moon (or your penchant for the more glamorous side of life), but addressing your basic needs will lay the foundation for a fun and fulfilling Libra season.

And, what a Libra season it will be this year: When the sun arrives in your sign on the 23rd, it’ll sidle up alongside Mercury and Venus, both of which moved into Libra on the 14th. Your charm and appeal will be irresistible. Make the most of it, but be prepared to look at yourself with a more critical eye during the new moon on the 28th. As bright as you may shine, where can you still improve?

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This month has been a long time coming for you, Scorpio — September is your yearly opportunity to retreat in earnest, to review the last 12 months and thank anyone or anything that saw you through them, before your birthday season arrives in mid-October. With this introspective focus may come a weariness or a reluctance to socialize. Going dark for a bit is in your nature, but don’t leave your friends on read. Instead, reschedule for another time.

If you do put aside one day to kick up your heels, make it the 14th, when the full moon in Pisces will coax your whimsical side out into the open. Set a playdate with your closest pals, invite your favorite collaborators over to workshop your pet projects, or actually try one of those DIY crafts you pinned. The emphasis on the past — and what you’ve learned from it — will be intense this month. Spend the full moon creating something that reflects where you are right now.

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The time has come to greet your adoring public, Sagittarius. You’re naturally gregarious any time of year, but this month, especially from the 14th onward, you’ll positively crave the company of others. And they’ll be drawn to you in equal measure. Your jokes will crackle, your ideas will stun — but your listening skills should level up in kind. The key to hanging with a group is knowing how to share the floor, Sag, and if you can strike that balance, you may end September with a few new friends for life (or even a lover).

The end of Saturn retrograde on the 18th will be an added (and very welcome) kick in the pants to establish yourself within a larger group, if not the world at large. The ringed planet sent you on a months-long journey to find where your talents lie, then asked you to invest in them fully. You know you’ve got the goods, Sag — now you must prove that to everyone else.

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Your ruling planet, Saturn, which has been drifting through your sign since December 2017, is making a big move this month, Cap. Its retrograde, which started this past April, will come to an end on the 18th. This period may have seen you second-guessing your abilities, ambitions, and long-term plans, wondering whether you should redirect your course or find something new to work toward. It was likely a slow time for progress and development, but it happened for a reason, Cap: As frustrating as Saturn retrograde may have been for a go-getter sign like yours, it urged you to reassess your trajectory now to prevent you from taking a wrong turn farther down the road.

Now that it’s direct, you’ll be able to proceed with more momentum — and self-assuredness — powering your actions. You’re still hosting the planet of discipline until next year, however, so you may still feel like your strictest teacher is hovering over your shoulder while you struggle through an exam. Good thing you tend to thrive under pressure.

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Whether you’re sharing your new favorite trivia or asking the new guy to join for lunch, you’re a giver at your core, Aquarius. But, when that’s your first instinct, it’s easy to lose sight of what you’d actually prefer to keep under wraps, protected from the outside world. This month will ask you whether you’re holding enough space for yourself — and, if you find you aren’t, how you can ask for it. Be warned: Asking for privacy, even when it’s fully within your right, could lead you to butt heads with those who feel entitled to your time. Stay the course, Water Bearer, and know when to walk away.

You’ll regain a sense of freedom on the 28th, when the new moon stokes your curiosity and encourages you to seek out an escape, so to speak, in the next two weeks: a vacation, a night class, a book that transports your mind elsewhere.

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Your empathy will be in high demand this month, Pisces. Since late last month, you’ve been playing the roles of mediator and healer more than ever, which you usually find fulfilling, but doing so could come at the cost of your own comfort and patience. Don’t forget that your intuition isn’t powerful just because it helps you ease conflicts — it also can tell you when to step away. There will be no shortage of needs to address this month (your own and those of others). Listen to your inner voice when you aren’t sure where to direct your help. It’ll also tell you how to cut straight to the heart of the issue.

The full moon in your sign on the 14th could be your breaking point if you’ve been stretching yourself too thin. You might snap at the next person who asks for your help or ghost someone you said you’d meet up with for a heart to heart. You can avoid doing anything too dramatic by penciling in some you-time for that night. Show yourself just as much love and care as you do to those around you, Pisces.

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