9 Self-Care and Wellness Gifts to Shop This Holiday Season

Our wellness editor shares the products you need to boost your health and mood.

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Self-Care and Wellness Gifts to Shop This Holiday Season
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If the past almost two years have taught us anything, it's that our health can't be taken for granted — and that includes taking care of our emotional well-being, too. So, what better to gift this year than products that can help improve sleep, bust stress levels — or just make you feel cozier while spending more time at home?

Although the definition of self-care will vary from person to person (contrary to public opinion, you don't have to love bubble baths!), these are a few of our favorite wellness-minded gifts that can help boost your health and your mood.

1. Saje Diffuser and Blend Kit


If you need a fairly universal gift and don't want to go the classic candle route, might I suggest an essential oil diffuser? Adding one to my nightstand has really upped my bedtime self-care routine — and you really can never have too many to give you a dose of calm in any room. This limited-edition kit from Saje includes both a chic ceramic diffuser and the brand's bestselling Chai essential oil blend, which is the epitome of cozy fall vibes.

Shop now: $65; saje.com

2. Casper Weighted Blanket


No product can replicate the feeling of hugging that friend you still haven't seen since before the pandemic, but this might come close. Research shows the combination of touch and gently applied pressure can have powerful psychological and physical effects, specifically when it comes to combatting anxiety and insomnia. Since the weighted blanket trend has been around for a while now, it's easier than ever to find one that fits your aesthetic, but we love this new option from Casper that's inspired by performance outerwear and helps circulate air away from your body.

Shop now: from $169; casper.com

3. Philips Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light


I've experimented with wake-up lights before and can say that, as someone who truly hates the mornings, they make the process of waking up a little less painful and jarring. This version allows you to customize your morning alarm with multiple sounds and sunrise options. You can also use the wind-down feature before bed, which guides you through relaxing breathing exercises and helps you fall asleep more peacefully with a sunset stimulation.

Shop now: $200; amazon.com

4. The Five-Minute Journal


As the name suggests, this journal uses the science of positive psychology to boost your happiness in five minutes a day, with prompts that focus on gratitude, daily affirmation, or end-of-day self-reflection. It's a great way to get into journaling in 2022 if you don't know where to start.

Shop now: $30; amazon.com

5. Parachute Waffle Robe


In my opinion, a good robe is a self-care staple and I plan on adding this one to my collection next. The soft, lightweight, waffle weave has a spa-like vibe that has garnered it hundreds of five-star reviews. "I wish they made overalls or onesies out of this fabric, I want to live in it all day," one satisfied customer wrote. Sold.

Shop now: $119; parachutehome.com

6. Lord Jones CBD Bath Salts


These CBD bath salts are handmade in small batches and designed to "help promote a calm sense of well-being" — something we can all use right about now. They also happen to smell amazing thanks to the eucalyptus and lavender oils. Even if you aren't a bath person, these just might turn you into one.

Shop now: $65; sephora.com

7. Amazon Halo Tracker


I'd argue the best gift you can give (to yourself or anyone else) this year is sleep. Especially considering the fact that insomnia is on the rise — and now we have sleep issues caused by the end of daylight savings time to contend with, too. This tracker from Amazon is one of the best sleep trackers out there if your sleep hygiene and mood could use some improvement. Two stand-out features: It analyzes the tone of your voice and provides feedback on how energized — or depressed — you sound to others and uses temperature sensing to track the quality and quantity of sleep.

Shop now: $100 + $4/month subscription; amazon.com

8. UGG Coquette Slipper


After spending way more time at home than I ever imagined this past year and a half, my go-to footwear choices naturally evolved. While I never thought I'd be more obsessed with UGG slippers than I was in my middle school years, they've truly become my go-to. They keep me warm and cozy while working from home, and thanks to their sturdy sole, they can be worn outside out of my apartment, too. (FWIW, celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Cara Delevigns are a fan of this same style, too.)

Shop now: $120; nordstrom.com

9. Molekule Air Mini+


As a result of the pandemic — and allergy seasons that are seemingly worse every year — many of us have finally started thinking about cleaning the air in our homes. And the best way to do that is with an air purifier, like Molekule's small-but-mighty, that traps and destroys harmful airborne particles like viruses and bacteria, dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, and smoke.

Shop now: $500; amazon.com

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