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It's undeniable that the iPhone rules the smartphone market, but even the most devoted Apple fan will admit that the device has some drawbacks (mainly, a just-OK camera and anemic battery life). Despite a string of bad press surrounding its exploding Note 7 phones, Samsung makes a triumphant return with the Galaxy S8.

In addition to its stunning Infinity Display design—comprised of one continuous surface with curved edges and no buttons—and sleek colors, the phone boasts next-gen features, including an autofocus-enabled camera that will help even the worst photographer take a non-blurry photo, along with customizable filters to rival Snapchat's (trust us, we tried them all).

BUY: Samsung Galaxy S8, $900; amazon.com

Apart from the camera, the Galaxy S8 also has Bixby, a new Siri-esque virtual assistant that functions like Shazam for everything around you: Take a photo of a passerby's shoe, and it links to Amazon and Pinterest for buying info (or direct you to similar products if it's unavailable). Shoot a building on the street, and it offers up a Wikipedia entry. Perhaps best of all, if you snap a wine label, it IDs the bottle for you.

It should be noted that, since Bixby—and the Galaxy S8—just launched, it still has some kinks to work out. Though we're not certain either will stand the test of time, we can say with confidence that the future looks bright. At the very least, the phone's impressive battery life (two days on a single charge) make it a worthy competitor to the Big Apple.

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And if you needed another reason: Sarah Jessica Parker is also a fan.

Wins for: Design and camera quality

Noteworthy features:

  • Infinity Display design
  • Smart autofocus front camera with enhanced image processing
  • Water and dust resistance
  • Bixby

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