Hey Pisces, Here's Your Horoscope for the Year Ahead

Mark these key dates in your calendar now.

If You’re a Pisces, These Are the 2021 Dates to Mark In Your Calendar Now
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If you were born under the spiritual-minded, slightly psychic mutable water sign Pisces, you're one of the biggest dreamers in the whole zodiac. So it would come as no surprise that you have a lot of wishes, hopes, fantasies, and intuitive feelings about what the coming year will bring. And 2021 is shaping up to be a year in which your innately magical vibes are going to kick into high gear and shine. (In fact, anyone who's open to taking advantage of empathic, poetic Piscean energy will benefit.)

That's because this year, Jupiter, the planet of fortune, will move through your sign for about two and a half months, magnifying all things Piscean. For you, this should amplify how much you believe in yourself and your ability to fulfill all your most ambitious, long-term desires, and in turn, you'll be able to manifest whatever it is you've had your heart set on. If that sounds huge, it is — and that's thanks to Jupiter's "go big or go home" effect.

And given that your ruling planet mystical Neptune continues its 13-year-long trip through your sign, you'll enjoy a string of moments that will lend themselves to being even more creatively and spiritually fulfilled — especially in mid-summer and late fall.

If you were born under the emotional, magical sign of the Fish — or it's your rising sign/ascendant — read on for the key dates to take advantage of this year.

December 19, 2020-May 13, 2021 and July 28-December 28, 2021:

Lucky Jupiter will move through your twelfth house of spirituality. (For a recent point of reference, consider what happened from January 5, 2009 to January 17, 2010, as that was the last time the benefic planet spent time in this zone.) The huge planet brings an expansive effect to anything it touches, so your focus on doing spiritual and psychological work to understand your wounds and wiring will be amplified.

February 18-March 20:

While the sun moves through your sign, you'll be feeling especially self-assured and want to make the most of Pisces season. Inspired to fully embrace and pursue your aspirations, you'll be feeling like promoting your personal brand.

February 25-March 21:

Venus, which oversees romance, beauty, and money, moves through your sign during this period, and you'll be even more alluring, charming, and glowing from the inside out. You might also be more inclined to experiment with your look.

March 10:

Your ruling planet Neptune will form a sweet conjunction with the confident sun in your sign, bolstering your self-assuredness around artistic pursuits and nudging you to pursue related goals you might have previously chalked up to an out-there daydream.

March 13:

The new moon in Pisces is your annual opportunity to zero in on a vision you want to achieve, map out how you'll make it real, then take a first step in that direction. The same day, romantic Venus and dreamy Neptune pair up in your sign, making this a beautiful moment for letting your imagination run wild and getting after your fantasies.

March 15-April 3:

Communicator Mercury moves through your sign, allowing you to take the stage and share any creative ideas that have been swirling around in your head and heart. This can be a wonderful time to pitch a passion project or connect with loved ones and friends on intellectual matters.

March 29:

Messenger Mercury pairs up with dreamy Neptune, allowing you to gain clarity and a strengthened ability to articulate all the spiritual and imaginative ideas that have been swirling around in your head.

May 13-July 28:

During this period, Jupiter, the magnifying planet, will offer a sneak peek of its longer trip through your sign, which will occur through most of 2022. While the fortunate planet is in your first house of self, you'll be feeling especially optimistic and confident, especially when it comes to the impression you want to make on the world. You can get ahead on your big-picture personal goals in a major way.

May 31 and November 29:

Go-getter Mars — first, in your fifth house of romance, then later in your ninth house of adventure — forms a harmonizing trine to dreamy Neptune in your sign, making these a couple of the sexiest and most creatively fulfilling days of the year for you. You'll be feeling playful, assertive, imaginative, and passionate. Sexual connections can feel as emotionally and spiritually satisfying too.

June 21:

Sweet, romantic Venus in your fifth house of romance forms a positive trine to spiritual Neptune in your sign, making this a super-sweet opportunity for allowing yourself to be swept off your feet and getting caught up in heartfelt daydreams. You might also want to pour amplified compassionate energy into helping others.

July 15 and November 12:

The confident sun — first, in your fifth house of romance and then later, in your ninth house of adventure — forms a sweet trine to spiritual Neptune in your sign, taking your existing empathic nature to the next level. You'll want to spend more time with loved ones, your S.O., and friends, and it can be an amazing time for channeling these emotions into a creative project as well.

July 24 and November 18:

Now it's messenger Mercury's turn to form a beneficial trine to spiritual Neptune in your sign —— first, while it's moving your fifth house of romance and later, through your ninth house of adventure. You can trust your intuition and share what's in your heart in an imaginative, almost magical way.

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