Young Girl Shows Off Her Prosthetic Leg to Her Classmates, Gets Adorable Reaction

This 7-year-old little Brit is nothing short of inspiring.

Anu had to have her leg amputated not long after she was born and has used a prosthetic all of her life. But, she hasn't let that get her down. Although she wears a prosthetic leg every day, she was thrilled when she received a new, hot pink sports blade prosthetic made just for her, and she couldn't wait to show it off to all of her friends at school.

What made the moment even sweeter when she did was her classmates' reaction to it. In a video obtained by the BBC, Anu can be seen excitedly skipping over to her friends to show them the prosthetic limb.

"Wow!," one girl exclaimed. "Is that your new pink leg?," another asked.

Then, Anu showed them what it could do, running around with her friends on the playground as she continued to test it out.

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As for what Anu loves most about it, she told BBC Midland Today, "It makes me run faster and do my street dancing faster."

The custom prosthetic was donated to her by a National Health Service program in England that allocated $1.9 million for running blades for 500 children so they can compete in sports this summer, according to The Telegraph.