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Looking to quench your thirst for great design? You might want to check out Pepsi's new bottles. The soda giant teamed up with legendary designer Karim Rashid for Milan Design Week to launch graphic new drink containers, called Prestige Bottles, as well as a line of bespoke bar accessories. The partnership came out of a longstanding friendship between PepsiCo's Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini and Rashid, and their goal was to create something sleek and future-forward.

"We wanted something unusual, unexpected and aspirational," Porcini says. "The result is an innovation that mixes the world of beauty and cosmetics with that of alchemy and potions." These Prestige Bottles each have a different look based on their brand, with Pepsi rocking cobalt stripes and dots, Pepsi Light sporting a silver triangle pattern, and Pepsi Max dressed in a houndstooth-inspired print. The space-age looking accessories include a sloped metal ice bucket, dapper glassware and a sculptural tray, perfectly tailored to fit the new aluminum packaging. The bottles and barware aren't on sale yet, but based on this sneak peek, we be they'll be blowing up on Instagram shortly.

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Any future success of this launch won't be surprising considering it comes from a designer whose influence extends across fashion, home goods, and hospitality. Rashid has over 3,000 designs currently in production, from sneakers to soap bottles, and has worked with luxury brands like Veuve Clicquot, Alessi, and Kenzo. But designing a new bottle for Pepsi was a true dream come true for Rashid, whose childhood hero, designer Raymond Loewy, had done so for Coke. Both Rashid and Porcini are excited about the future of this design. The avant-garde presentation makes a modern, 21st-century statement. "It is more timely than timeless," he says.