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Outdoor Date Ideas To Try With Your Partner in 2021
Credit: Kristen Curette & Daemaine Hines/Stocksy

After what feels like a very, very long winter of braving frigid temperatures (not to mention many layers and hat hair) for a good dining experience, the weather is finally starting to warm up, which means you'll actually want to be outside (not forced to be by COVID regulations).

But even as we emerge from winter and quarantine, a lot of things are still closed down to due Covid — and chances are, you're very bored of the tired, overdone picnic in the park.

Well, don't fret, because we've come up with the best outdoor date ideas, whether this is your first date or your millionth. Read on to be inspired for your next date night.

Take a hike

Grab your sneakers or hiking boots for a long, scenic hike. If you're in a mountainous region, even better — the spectacular views will sure be well worth the climb. Looking for even more romance? Time the hike to sunset and pack some champagne and glasses for an outdoor happy hour against a dreamy backdrop.

Star Gaze

Grab a blanket and some wine and hit the nearest park, hill top, or beach for a little stargazing. This super special moment will help you and your significant other to bond, plus it can also be educational. Download a stargazing app, like Night Sky, that will tell you exactly what you're looking at.

Go For Ice-Cream

Sure, it's simple but this classic date night idea will have you nostalgic for the middle school days when your crush bought you a scoop. Grab your cone and walk around town enjoying your sweet treat and each other's company.

Go To a Drive-In or Outdoor Theater

Indoor movie theaters might be closed, but that doesn't mean you can't catch a good flick. As warmer weather rolls in, check your local parks and drive-ins for outdoor movie viewings. (If you're in New York, try the Skyline Drive-In in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for a movie and a view.)

Take a Walk On a Cute Street

Take a stroll down a street by you that bustles with storefronts and local businesses. Grab a bite from a restaurant, a coffee from your local café, or do some shopping to support small businesses.

Go To a Farmers' Market

Take a trip to the local farmers' market for some locally grown produce or freshly baked goodies — you never know what local delicacies you'll find. Or get all the ingredients you need for a romantic home-cooked meal later that night.

Have a Bonfire

Grab the s'mores and hot cocoa and get cozy by the fire pit with your date. The perfect date for a chilly, early spring night.

Visit a Food Truck

Just because dining out may be hard these days doesn't mean you can't appreciate good food. Stop by a food truck for some delicious, quick food. Most of the time, you can find the hours and locations of your favorite truck on their website.

Start a Garden

If you want to get a little dirty ... start a garden. (What did you think we were going to say?!) You'll need some good soil and fresh seeds. New to gardening? Don't worry, try this gardening kit from Amazon.

Grill Vegetables from Said Garden

This will elicit a second date, so we'd advise not going with the garden idea unless you're looking for an excuse to see them again.

Go to the Zoo

There's nothing better than strolling through the zoo on a sunny day while looking at cute animals. So, why not bring along a cute date, too? Luckily, depending on where you live, zoos have mostly reopened so you can support your local zoo and the animals.