The New Moon In Libra Will Bring Out Your Inner People-Pleaser

Sometimes, you have to take sides.

The New Moon In Libra Will Bring Out Your Inner People-Pleaser
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There’s a fine line between order and perfectionism. Where last month’s new moon in Virgo taught us a valuable lesson in the former, this month’s new moon, which will arrive this Friday, October 16, will tempt us closer toward the latter. Occurring in Libra, an air sign that thrives when everything is in its rightful place, this lunar phase will spur us to nitpick over our own flaws, all the while working to gloss over everyone else’s. (And individuals born under this sign will likely feel especially self-conscious.)

The new moon in Libra will put our lacks under a magnifying glass.

When we call Venus, Libra’s planetary ruler, the planet of beauty, we don’t exactly mean it superficially. Here, “beauty” can mean grace, ease, equilibrium, and harmony — and Friday’s new moon will ask us to seek out those qualities in our lives (and to compensate where we find ourselves lacking in them). If you’ve been living chaotically, with little to no organization or time for the finer things, you could be in for an uncomfortable new moon. The sudden urge to snap your life into photo-finish perfection may come over you, when really all this lunar phase is asking is to consider where there’s room for growth and self-improvement. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t had time to clean out your closet, finish your quarantine projects, or perfect your skincare routine. When the moon is in an air sign, it’s easy to get whipped up into a flurry of our own thoughts, so it’s important to counteract that noise by simply being kind to yourself during this period. This can be a wonderful opportunity to think about how you can turn your weaknesses into strengths, as long as you sidestep the temptation to pile onto yourself for any perceived shortcomings. If you give it time, create a plan, and work for it, harmony and balance will come.

Our social lives will also be subjected to the new moon in Libra.

That need for symmetry won’t just manifest in our inner lives — it’ll affect how we deal with others, too. Represented by the Scales of Justice, Libra is considered the mediator of the Zodiac, the person who often finds themselves stuck between two warring parties. Rather than declaring a clear winner and loser, Libra would much rather come to a compromise. This is where Libra’s desire for harmony backfires. Attempts at objectivity can come off as a lack of care and trying to mend a fence that’s beyond repair usually ends up costing more emotional capital than it’s worth.

Under this Libran new moon, you may feel tempted to play an unbiased peacemaker among your own friends, whether you’re accustomed to this role or not. But rather than trying to please everyone (or solve their problems for them), you’re better off spending this lunar phase reflecting on the following questions: Where in your own life do you strive to set everything right, even when no one has asked you to? Do you feel the need to sacrifice your own comfort in order to make everyone else feel comfortable? Consider how you might be able to nurture your relationships while maintaining boundaries that protect your energy.

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