Here's How to Prepare for Both of October's Rare (and Spooky) Full Moons

Following tonight's full moon we'll be treated to a 'Blue Moon' on Halloween night — a day in which the veil between the mortal and spirit worlds is at its thinnest.

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Call it an October miracle: In a month where many of us already have mysticism, spookiness, and "the other side” on the brain, we’ll be treated to two (yes, two) full moons. In fact, October will be bookended by these expansive lunar events: The first full moon, known as the Full Harvest Moon, will occur in Aries on Thursday, October 1, and the second, which may be referred to as either the Full Hunter’s Moon or a Blue Moon, will take place in Taurus on Saturday, October 31. Where the former will light our way for the month to come, the latter will give us a chance to tie up loose ends, brace for November’s arrival, and enjoy some much-needed light on All Hallows’ Eve.

How to Prepare for the October Harvest Moon in Aries on October 1st

Reaching its peak in fiery, combative Aries, the full moon on the 1st will inject all of us with the kind of me-first energy we expect from people born under this sign. You may find it difficult to view circumstances as anything other than you-against-the-world during this phase, but there’s much more to gain from this full moon than a misguided impression that you have to go it alone. More accurately, an Aries full moon should remind you of your strengths, your drive, and all the things you can do on your own if you so choose. It will serve as a major mood- and confidence-booster, and even hint at where you ought to direct your energy and impulses this month.

This full moon’s ties to the natural world will only enhance Aries’ energizing influence. Since it’s the full moon to occur closest to the autumn equinox, which was on September 22 this year, it’s technically considered the Full Harvest Moon, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Agriculturally speaking, this is the time of year when crops come to a head and are harvested for the winter months. Symbolically, this is our yearly opportunity to recognize the fruits of our labor from the last few months. Take a step back and look at how far you’ve come — then ask yourself where you’d like to go next.

However, be warned: The ongoing Mars retrograde, which began on September 9, and the upcoming Mercury retrograde starting on the 16th could hinder any progress you hope to make, especially if you’re seeking instant gratification for your efforts. So, while you should certainly heed this full moon’s message of self-confidence and ride its motivating waves, resist the urge to charge ahead with plans that disregard details, your long-term needs, or, even worse, other people’s feelings. Be ambitious, but don’t be rash.

How to Prepare for the Blue Moon on Halloween

As October draws to a close, the blue moon will arrive in Taurus — a sturdy earth sign that loves nothing more than to stay the course and cull its resources — on Halloween, of all days. Within nature-based faiths, it’s believed that the veil, or barrier, between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest on Halloween, thus its enduringly spooky reputation. On one hand, the Taurean full moon would like to ground us and guide us into a comforting, secure routine. On the other, Halloween can inspire flights of fancy and trips into the unknown. These energies may seem to conflict with each other, but there is, in fact, a way to make them meet, as long as we remember the significance of the blue moon.

A month that sees two full moons affords us a chance to address any last-minute tasks that we didn’t get to earlier in the month. If the 31st rolls around and you don’t feel quite prepared to take on November, this second full moon will grant you the tenacity needed to get your needs and projects squared away before a new month officially begins. Thanks to its Taurean influence, you’ll feel more focused and steady-handed, while the other-worldly nature of Halloween will bring even your grander, more fantastical goals within reach. In other words, a sense of heightened possibility, with a stabilizing sense of how to attain that which is possible, will permeate the air.

This full moon is also known as the Full Hunter’s Moon, because it’s the first full moon to occur after the Harvest Moon. Take a page out of the titular hunter’s book and be vigilant during this lunar phase — as hunters in generations past sought to stock their stores with food for the winter, so, too, should you use this time to seek out opportunities that you may have missed earlier this month, in keeping with the blue moon’s theme of second chances. Perhaps an unexpected email from an old friend deserves a second look, or maybe you should circle back on a request you made at work.

In sum, if the tumultuous month ahead ever starts to get the better of you, keep these full moons and their messages of confidence and capability in mind — and let them serve as a beacon through the ever-darkening autumn skies.

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