The hunter's moon may have you looking out for number one, but beware: so is everyone else.
Sunday's Full Moon in Aries Will Make it Impossible to Check Your Ego
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Word of advice: This month might be the perfect time to get back into meditation. With the full moon drifting into firebrand Aries on Sunday, October 13, peace and quiet will be hard to come by. Also known as the Hunter's Moon, it will be visible from sunset to sunrise, lighting up the sky all night long and igniting our inner fires along the way.

As the first sign on the Wheel of the Zodiac, Aries gets a bad rap as the excitable little brother of the signs — while it might not be as childish as many would believe, make no mistake that this sign has a temper to be reckoned with. Ruled by war planet Mars and symbolized by the (appropriately hardheaded) Ram, Aries folks are tough cookies who rarely back down from a fight, especially if they have a personal stake in it. That combative energy will wend its way into all of our lives on the night of the full moon, no matter what our sign may be.

In September, we cautioned that the full moon in Pisces could leave us emotionally exhausted, if not a little bruised, from tending to the feelings of those around us. This month, on the other hand, we’ll need to be careful that we aren’t the ones doing the bruising. September's was the harvest moon and we reaped what we sowed. October's full moon is the hunter's moon, also known as the blood moon or the sanguine moon — so it's safe to say things might get a little savage.

Aries energy urges us to look out for number one, even if that means trampling over others to get what we want. It’ll be difficult to view conflicts with an eye for nuance, let alone one for objectivity. You’ll get a ton of clarity around what you want during this phase, but personalities could clash and tempers may short circuit if you charge ahead without checking in with the rest of the group first. Keep in mind that we’ll all be acting a little more selfishly under these skies, so don’t be surprised if a little carelessness on your part comes off as a major affront.

Luckily, this lunar phase has more to offer than pure interpersonal chaos — you just have to be willing to harness that go-getter energy, rather than allow it to run roughshod over your life. If we prepare for it and remember to check our egos, the Aries full moon can provide us with the motivation needed to break us out of a creative rut or dull routine. Let it energize you and help you reassess your needs (if there’s one thing Aries won’t stand for it’s neglect of any kind), but do not allow it to get you worked up over the tiniest things.

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The shortest waits might feel like ages and putting up with a minor inconvenience might feel like settling for less during this full moon, but practicing patience in the face of unpleasantness is the lifelong challenge for people born under Aries. And doing so will get you through the night with your friendships intact and your goals a step or two closer to completion.

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