It's going to pull our focus in all the right directions.

Thanksgiving Moon
Credit: Maja Topcagic/Stocksy

As November winds down and Thanksgiving approaches, the skies will become noticeably calmer. For one thing, Mercury’s retrograde ended on the 20th, and then, on the 26th, the peaceful new moon will occur in Sagittarius. Arriving just days before Thanksgiving, this lunar phase will put you in the mood for togetherness, concentration, and, most importantly, gratitude.

Every month, the new moon asks us to quiet down and look within. It represents the start of something new, the end of something we should leave behind, and the potential for change that we draw from ourselves. It tends to be a very reflective lunar phase.

The new moon’s placement in Sagittarius this month, however, will imbue it with a little more energy and fire than usual. This sign is known best for its tireless sense of adventure — from both an intellectual and physical standpoint. Sagittarian people crave new experiences and in-depth, sometimes meandering discussions (the more obscure the topic, the better). They’re always looking ahead toward the next thing they want to see, do, or learn.

Given the new moon’s emphasis on potential and the future, plus Sags’ natural individuality and drive, this lunar phase might inspire a motivated, independent mindset. This is great if you have any personal goals you’re hoping to work toward in the next couple weeks, or ideally before the next full moon arrives on December 12. Your vision of what you want and what you believe in will never be clearer. But, with this Archer-like focus could come an isolating me-against-the-world point of view, and adopting such a perspective will not serve you — in general and specifically this month.

This time of year is imbued with the spirit of gratitude. Even if you’re trying to make progress toward milestones that are only significant to you, don’t lose sight of your friends and loved ones who are, more likely than not, offering you support and encouragement along the way. Think about how you can show how much they mean to you in the coming weeks, perhaps with a small gift or handwritten note. Keep in mind that, although Sagittarian energy can push us to forge ahead on our own, it’s also intensely social. You won’t be ignoring the new moon’s influence if you make your inner circle the focus of your reflections.

More than any one goal or one accomplishment, this lunar phase is about getting clear on your values and your mission in life. So, as you home in on where you want to go in the immediate future, make sure there’s enough room for the most important people in your life to come along, too. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around on the 28th, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals — and who you’ll get to thank in your acceptance speech.