This Month’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse In Gemini Wants You To Let Sh*t Go

What’s getting in the way of your happiness?

The Full Moon & Penumbral Lunar Eclipse In Gemini Is A Wakeup Call For The End Of The Year (11/30)
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Whether 2020 flew by or seemed to drag on and on for you, it’s hard to believe we’re already setting our sights on 2021, investing hopes, dreams, and fears into the next 12 months. With the anticipation of a new year comes a desire to create a clean slate. The full moon on Monday, November 30, serves as the unofficial kickoff to this end-of-year spiritual cleanout. The accompanying penumbral lunar eclipse (the last lunar eclipse of 2020, by the way) will further urge us to let go of unnecessary, inhibiting forces in our lives.

While the moon’s message couldn’t be clearer, it will be in flighty Gemini when these lunar events occur, meaning it could get slightly lost in translation. Namely, the line between what we truly need to rid ourselves of and the responsibilities that we’d just rather not shoulder any longer will blur considerably.

The penumbral lunar eclipse wants you to prioritize your needs (not your wants).

As an astrological rule, lunar eclipses always compel us to clear away behaviors, habits, relationships, and, yes, physical items, that we’d rather leave behind. In undergoing this process, we make room for new things to come in the future. The end of a year is a wonderful time, then, for this celestial event. You’re likely already starting to think about what you can do to make 2021 a different, perhaps more fulfilling, year. But, before you commit to a laundry list of resolutions, start with the task that the lunar eclipse presents, and, simply, take your needs, current and expected, into account.

This is not an invitation to freely cut ties with anything that’s annoying or inconvenient. So, no, you shouldn’t shirk your responsibilities in the name of freeing up space for idle activities. We all have to deal with chores, bills, and occasional unpleasantness in our love and work lives. As much as we’d like to live without these issues, they ultimately serve us in keeping our lives organized, secure, and capable of evolving. Rather, to put it in plain terms, focus on your fundamental needs — love, money, well-being, security. What is currently impeding you from fulfilling those needs? How can you phase those forces out of your life in the next month or so?

Use your judgment wisely during the Gemini full moon.

Gemini’s influence over this full moon will likely make those questions harder to answer. Ruled by Mercury and the element of air, this sign has become famous (or, depending how you look at it, notorious) for its charisma, quick wit, and, shall we say, moodiness. Geminis are uniquely capable of shifting gears on a dime, changing their minds as quickly as they change the subject of a conversation. There’s never a dull moment with a Gemini, but, by that same token, there are few moments of peace with them.

This sign will host Monday’s full moon and your thoughts and feelings will be a-whir as a result. This mental electricity has a time and place in which it’s useful, but a momentous period of year-end reflection isn’t it. Don’t let your immediate emotions dictate your actions — doing so will lead to indecision, which will undermine your confidence and ultimately make it harder to act at all. Give yourself a moment to breathe and think first. When this full moon’s Gemini energy makes your feelings run hot then cold then back to hot again, remember that your choices can have long-term consequences and rewards.

Let the meaning of the Full Frost Moon inform your decisions.

Luckily, the traditional spiritual associations of this month’s full moon will help you through the fog. Referred to as both the Frost Moon and the Beaver Moon, November’s full moon has long been connected to the cyclical unwinding that takes place in nature during this time of year: Plants and animals alike are preparing for a long winter’s sleep, prioritizing their needs for the months ahead (sound familiar?). Take a note from the natural world and do the same. Ironing out the finer points of 2021 can wait. For now, simply focus on your foundation. What can you do now to ensure it’s stronger than ever in the new year?

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