The New Moon In Scorpio Knows About the Skeletons In Your Closet

Matters that come to light will be of a very personal nature.

The New Moon In Scorpio Knows About The Skeletons In Your Closet (11/15)
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If the last few weeks haven’t given you a chance to think, let alone check in with yourself, November’s new moon will be your chance to take a breather — though it might not be altogether relaxing, per se.

This Sunday, November 15, will see the new moon arrive in Scorpio, the secretive, slinky sign that enjoys its privacy more than most. For a lunar sign that already rewards those who embrace the peace and quiet of a darkened, seemingly moonless night, this month’s new moon will be particularly fruitful for those of us who are willing to sit with ourselves and our thoughts and, simply, see what comes to the surface.

The new moon in Scorpio will shake loose long-held secrets.

The sign of Scorpio is an interesting, if not perplexing, one. Ruled by the element of water, it feels very deeply, but, unlike its fellow water signs Pisces and Cancer, it’s much more comfortable keeping those emotions close to the vest rather than expressing them outwardly. People born under this sign are more likely to plumb the depths of their psyches in private than they are to speak their minds to anyone who asks. They see secrets and truth as currency only worth spending on those who are truly worth it — which, more often than not, means only themselves.

It’s a rare moment of cosmic coordination, then, for such a reserved sign to play host to the most reserved lunar phase in the moon’s cycle, the meditative new moon. On the night of the 15th, their combined energies will turn our thoughts inward, toward the darkest, least-visited corners of our minds. You may become keenly aware of an old memory you thought had faded years ago. Or, you could gain a long-overdue understanding of what drove your reactions in the wake of a distant conflict or major life change. Feelings that were dormant will awake, old lessons you learned will take on a new immediacy, and past wounds could reopen. There’s nothing to say as to whether these discoveries will be good or bad — they will simply be.

What you do with these revelations is up to you — but think twice before you decide.

If the new moon has led you to have a bit of a breakthrough, you may feel compelled to shout it from the rooftops. But to share your newfound clarity with the rest of the world, even your closest confidantes, might not be so wise. Scorpio remains a secretive sign and the new moon favors quietude over celebration — breaking with those influences and spilling the beans too soon could have unforeseen repercussions. Instead, these combined forces will prefer you to keep your discoveries to yourself for a little while, just to see how they sit at the front of your mind. Will they inform an upcoming decision? Will they help mend a currently broken fence? Will they ignite a new sense of direction and passion in you? Only time spent alone will tell.

Reflect inward at least until the full moon on the 30th. A sign to speak freely may arise around that lunar phase, which will shine warmly on those who bring their truths to light.

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