Your November Horoscope Is Here

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for your zodiac sign this month.

November Horoscope
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We’ll emerge from several planetary retrogrades this month, with Mercury’s ending on the 3rd (how’s that for timing?), Mars’ on the 13th, and distant Neptune’s on the 28th. Not only will our collective pace increase, but it will also feel steadier and more aligned, as if we’re finally reaching a flat path after scrambling over rocks and pebbles. A great distance still lies ahead, but at least for a little while, our journey may be easier on us.

After last month’s duel full moons, we’ll have to wait until the very last day of November to see another full moon, but when it finally arrives it will be worth the wait. While drifting through Gemini on the 30th, the moon will wax to fullness and undergo a penumbral lunar eclipse, granting us a chance to take stock of what has accumulated within our psyches the last few months — and to determine whether any of that mess is best left in the past. Again, the only direction this month is forward. Wouldn’t you rather travel light?

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

The Land of La

The reins will finally, blessedly loosen this month, Aries, specifically when your ruling planet, hot-headed Mars, ends its cooldown of a retrograde in your sign on the 13th. After about two months of stops and starts, of feeling like your goals were moving ever farther out of reach no matter what you did, you’ll regain your momentum and potentially start seeing some hard-earned rewards — providing you were patient during the retrograde. You may realize that forcing your way isn’t always the wisest strategy.

Later that same week, the new moon on the 15th will grant you a unique moment of introspection, which would normally make your eyes roll, but this couldn’t be better timed. Just as Mars is refueling your fire, you’ll be acutely aware of where that passion is taking you. You’re drumming up all this motivation, all this desire — to do what, exactly? You’re so admired for your can-do attitude, Aries. Take some time to get straight on what it is you’re working toward.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

The Land of La

Relationships of all stripes (and how they impact your life) will demand your attention this month, Taurus. On one hand, this is lovely, harmonious energy to lean into: The new moon on the 15th is an opportunity to get on the same page with your partner and closest friends; and the 21st will let you take those bonds to the next level. Could a romantic milestone be on the horizon? Or is a simple (yet intimate) evening in order? The 21st will also see the start of Sagittarius season, a time of year that’s always marked by intense inspection — of yourself, your subconscious habits, and your intangible resources (energy and time come to mind). The time you spend with others will feel especially precious.

This month’s celestial emphasis on your relationships with others could cause a bit of internal strife. You may find yourself second-guessing your intentions, even your very needs, because you’re so focused on the concept of compromise. Don’t ignore your instincts, Taurus — stubborn sign that you are, you always know what you want, and you shouldn’t be afraid to share that with your loved ones. Speak up when you feel compelled to. That’s the only way you’ll really get on the same page.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

The Land of La

Mercury, your ruling planet, did a number on both your work and your playtime last month. When it directs course on the 3rd, your creative juices will start flowing once again and, when it moves into your sector of routines and wellness on the 10th, your sense of care and discipline will join the current, too. Your signature whirring energy will be more easily directed toward chores and tasks you’d otherwise avoid. It might not be the most thrilling period, but it’s necessary to feel confident and mentally clear as the end of the year approaches — more on that below.

The full moon and the penumbral lunar eclipse on the 30th will occur in your sign and shine a light on exactly what you want out of the rest of the year. How you go about acquiring those things won’t be so clear. In fact, you’ll be so acutely aware of your desires that you may have a hard time thinking realistically about attaining them. Sacrifices, compromises, and hard work will likely be part of the equation here, Gemini. At any rate, have a plan before surging ahead.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

The Land of La

Maintaining a sense of security is a top Cancerian priority, to the point that you may come off cagey from time to time, dear Crab. This month, consider whether (or even how) you might be able to feel safe while coming somewhat out of your shell. It isn’t like you don’t want to share your thoughts or let your inner self shine in front of those who matter most to you — it’s just that doing so requires some amount of vulnerability. But with vulnerability comes freedom of expression and potentially closer bonds with the people who bear witness to said expression. If you aren’t convinced, the new moon on the 15th will help you comprehend the rewards that come with opening up.

Carve out some alone time on the 30th, when the full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse arrives in Gemini. It might be time to let go of something from your distant past, Cancer. Memories will bubble to the surface and it will be up to you to let them rise and pass by in their own time.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

The Land of La

The second half of October saw you drifting into some deeply nostalgic territory, Leo, and matters related to your family and home will continue to pull focus in November. You may come to realize that those golden memories from last month shone so brightly for a reason — the lessons they held are yours for the learning now. Recalling past mistakes and dreams will inform upcoming decisions, while remembering times of peace will help warm any cold wars currently underway between relatives. Dwelling on the past can be a dangerous distraction, but looking back in times of uncertainty can help guide us into the future.

The full moon on the 30th will ask you to look beyond your inner circle and consider your standing within your wider network. Which role do you play more often, Leo — that of the giver or the recipient? Consider that question without judgment and see how you can play both with equal skill.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

The Land of La

Last month’s Mercury retrograde flung your everyday chores, tasks, and correspondences down a well of uncertainty — and there’s nothing like the unknown to make a sensible earth sign like you bristle. As of the 3rd, the backspin will end and your frustrations will start to abate, and the first place you’ll notice this renewed sense of ease is your finances. A new source of savings or opportunity to make a case for a raise could arise. Optimism might be an unfamiliar feeling at the moment, but don’t be afraid to lean into it if it occurs to you.

On the 10th, Mercury returns to your sector of menial tasks (the same zone that was so beleaguered last month). Now that your ruling planet has directed course and is back to its whip-smart self, you’ll feel energized to attack that to-do list that’s been collecting dust. Just be careful your zeal doesn’t outpace your concentration — it isn’t in your nature to leave work half-finished, but there’s a risk this month that you’ll be so thrilled to be moving at all that you’ll peel off in six different directions at once. There will be time to get it all done, Virgo.

Libra (September 22 - October 23)

The Land of La

As November unfolds, money — how you spend it, how it factors into your happiness, how to make more of it — will demand a larger and larger swath of your attention, Libra. From the 10th onward, you’ll be keenly aware of how your gift of gab can bolster your earning potential. Yes, this might mean glad-handing the purse string-pullers at work, but it could also manifest as surprisingly direct requests that those around you recognize your worth, no flowery language required.

The new moon on the 15th will put your thoughts on finances in order, granting you the time, space, and quietude to get clear on your feelings toward the material world. Use this evening to straighten out your budget for the rest of the year or organize the rest of your valuables. Physical possessions of all types are up for consideration at the moment. Is it time to clean out your closet, replace the appliances, or restore that antique brooch you impulse purchased last year? You’re much more than the things you surround yourself with, Libra, but there’s nothing wrong with showing care to those things.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

The Land of La

Your solar season technically began last month, but your day in the sun is just beginning, Scorpio. After a tumultuous Mercury retrograde that first accosted your sense of self and then your understanding of the past, the messenger planet will end its backspin on the 3rd and gradually allow the spin cycle that’s been your life to wind down. First, you’ll be wise to recover in solitude: Lessons of the past will gel and clarify more easily if you give yourself a chance to think.

Later, on the 10th, we urge you to rejoin the masses — and let your presence be known. Get back in touch with friends, initiate meetings with coworkers that would benefit from hearing from you, and trust your voice when you feel it rising in your throat. You take your actions and words very seriously, Scorpio, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But you’d be amazed to see where casual, off-the-cuff talk can get you if you let the conversation flow. Commitment means everything to your sign, Scorpio, but are you willing to wait for it?

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

The Land of La

Your birthday season is on the horizon, dear Archer — and there will, indeed, be much to celebrate when the sun enters your sign on the 21st. Until then, however, you’ll be better off spending the days and nights in quietude. Your current astrological year is coming to an end and a new one will begin on the 21st. Where were you this time last year? Sure, 2020 defied expectations for all of us, but what were you hoping for back then? How do your aspirations now compare? Some serious reprioritizing has taken place in the last 12 months, and it’s important to take your new goals as seriously as the ones you had laid out at the start of this year. The new moon on the 15th will guide you on this journey and show you which aspirations deserve to be held up the highest.

When the sun arrives in your sign, all this pondering will be shot through with a much-needed dose of levity. It’s finally your party, Sag, and you can make the rules for the next month. Your purpose is becoming clear and you have a clean slate to create whatever you wish. What do you want to look back on in November 2021?

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

The Land of La

Keep your eyes open and ears to the ground this month, Cap. Your wider network of friends, relatives, and coworkers will be abuzz with news that you can use — if you’re open and ready to play an equal role in your community, that is. This is not the time to climb the mountain alone. The collective is what matters right now, and you’ll benefit from the support of others to the same extent that they’ll benefit from hearing from you. Swap advice with a friend in need or forward an opportunity that isn’t right for you to a colleague who’s a better fit. There should be an easy exchange of ideas and information right now — don’t gum up the works just because reaching out feels like one more thing you have to do.

The full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse in Gemini on the 30th will bring the focus back to you — namely, how you can optimize your schedule and approach to wellness. You’re often one to burn the candle at both ends, Cap, and wear that tendency as a badge of honor. But that’s no way to care for yourself. Consider how cutting back on work (and cutting yourself some slack) may actually bolster your long-term success.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

The Land of La

Finally, after an autumn beset with retrogrades, you’ll start to regain your rhythm this month, Water Bearer. After Mercury’s retrograde ends on the 3rd and Mars’ ends on the 13th, your thoughts, words, and feet will finally be working in tandem: Ideas will form, decisions will be made, and actions will follow. Expect fluidity where there was previously stagnation — matters to do with work and communication, in particular, may see improvement now.

The full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse in fellow air sign Gemini will close out the month on the 30th, sending you into December with a spring in your step and a lighter heart. You could find yourself unloading a great, wonderful secret onto a friend or lover that evening, one that you’ve held close to your vest for some unknown reason. The spirit of this lunar phase will help you realize that there’s nothing to be gained by keeping this truth to yourself — it deserves to be shared with someone who will treasure it as deeply as you. The question is, who might that person be?

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

The Land of La

Follow your intuition as November begins, Pisces. Mercury retrograde will lift on the 3rd and you’ll suddenly be able to see through the BS. If you listen to your gut, you can get to the root of the issue; reveal the connective tissue between disparate parties; and identify who’s really holding the reins. Delve deeply, dear Fish — down there, you’ll find the truth.

The new moon on the 15th will compel you to consider your current path — and whether you’re about to reach a fork. It’s a wonderful evening to look into new hobbies to try, new places to visit, or new skills to hone. Don’t worry about losing sight of the main road, Pisces. You can return to it anytime, but don’t deny yourself the chance to take a detour. On a related note, your ruling planet, Neptune, ends its five-month retrograde in your sign on the 28th. As the dreamy blue planet returns to a forward path, you can tap back into your idealism, the part of yourself that dares to aim, higher than reality may permit, and always — always — hope for the best. This mindset may feel impractical for the current moment, but a little escapism could come in handy for the days and months ahead.

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