See what this month has in store for each sign of the Zodiac.
Your November Horoscope Is Here
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If this month gets off to a murky, foggy start, don’t blame the bleak November weather — look to the ongoing Mercury retrograde as the source of your muddled thoughts. This planetary backspin will cast a shadow of suspicion and confusion over us until the 20th, at which point Mercury will gradually begin to correct course. Until then, be clear about your boundaries and be careful with any secrets you’re harboring. Blurred lines could abound.

On the heels of Mercury retrograde will come Sagittarius season on the 22nd. This month-long period is always a bright, lively point in the year as we’re all imbued with a little more fiery Sagittarian energy, nudging us to broaden our intellectual horizons, explore unfamiliar locales, and meet new people. If you’ve been dreading the impending holiday season, take a page out of the Archer’s book and try not to take anything too seriously.

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ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

A restless Ram is not to be trifled with — and your loved ones are sure to learn this lesson firsthand as November unfolds and your wanderlust reaches a fever pitch, Aries. Starting on November 1, Venus will set up camp in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and stoke your desires for new and unfamiliar things. Take yourself on a date to the latest art exhibit in town or to a touring orchestral concert. As you enjoy some cultural sightseeing, you may encounter a fellow explorer who piques your interest. This feverish energy might not be great for a new long-term relationship, but it’s excellent for an autumnal fling.

And then, of course, the expansive sun will join Venus in Sagittarius on the 22nd igniting curiosity in your adventurious heart. Go out and play — just be sure to find your way back home in time for the quiet new moon on the 26th and Thanksgiving weekend.

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

After the romantic and social peak of last month, November will feel like one long valley, at least until the 20th. And yes, this is all thanks to Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, which will shake your confidence in your relationships and muffle your ability to communicate clearly. Of all signs, you most hate feeling like you're on unsteady ground, so prepare for some discomfort this month, Taurus. Your best line of defense will be patience (a tall order, we know). Resist the urge to shut down or jump to conclusions when conversations get sticky or your S.O. says the wrong thing. Listen before you act — and when the time to act does come, take your time.

The full moon on the 12th will arrive in your sign and present you with a golden opportunity to tune out all the noise, at least for a night. Do what Bulls do best and treat yourself. You’ll have more than earned that R&R by that point in the retrograde.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Your charm will be on full display this month, which should come in extra handy in love, as your S.O. or prospective dates will hang on your every word, but keep in mind that your actions will always speak louder. So, how will your bring your glad-handing to life this month? Make sure your desire to flirt is matched by your desire to sincerely please your partner, and if you’re still at a loss for grand gestures, romantic inspiration ought to strike when Sagittarius season begins on the 22nd.

Of course, Mercury retrograde could prove to be a hindrance to your aforementioned gift of gab, but you might not feel its needling influence in your love life so much as in your everyday tasks and commitments. A Gemini’s schedule is already tentatively secured at best, and it might not be in your nature to double- and triple-confirm any bookings you make, but make this your new habit while Mercury’s in reverse. Being almost excessively vigilant about where you need to be and when will save you quite a few headaches.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Trust your intuition, Cancer. Mercury retrogrades can easily get under your sensitive sign’s skin, but, with this month’s backspin unfurling in fellow water sign Scorpio, that sensitivity could be your secret weapon. If your jokes aren’t landing and your attempts to collaborate with others get lost in translation, don’t panic or get down on yourself. Use your natural emotional awareness to connect with those around you — offering to listen to a friend in need or picking up the slack at work without being asked to can be far more meaningful than you know. And, while the planet of communication is retrograde, doing something will be easier than saying something.

Speaking of lending a hand, the full moon on the 12th could see several requests for assistance coming your way. Again, listen to your gut when you aren’t sure how you can help your inner circle — and don’t ignore any internal alarm bells that go off when someone who seems less-than-genuine asks you for a favor.

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

What kind of ruler are you, noble Lioness? You’ll have to decide in real time this month, when Mercury retrograde rains down a flurry of issues in your personal life. Family drama (either of the petty or generation-spanning variety) could arise, the chore chart could mysteriously end up in the trash, or a significant figure from your past could make a return. It’s up to you whether you let your temper or your Leonine inclination toward nobility determine your reaction to these inevitable headaches. In other words, will it be the high road or the low road, Leo?

Even as the waters churn at home, you could be in for some smooth sailing at work when the full moon illuminates your career sector on the 12th. An opportunity to shine or a long-overdue reward could come your way. Trust the talents you’ve spent so long developing and seize this moment when it comes. Even something minor could lead you down the path to office stardom — and everyone knows that Leos were made for center stage.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

All we can say this month is “good luck,” Virgo. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be retrograde until the 20th, targeting some of your greatest strengths. Where you’re normally a multi-tasking phenom and a slayer of to-do lists, you may struggle to tackle these challenges as the planet of communication whirls, not unlike the Tasmanian Devil, through your highly streamlined life. Luckily, this is a chance for you to practice doing something you normally hate: asking for help.

It isn’t just that you usually have several plates spinning at once, Virgo — it’s that you sometimes like to see just how many you can keep in the air without completely burning out. Somehow you forget about the bevy of friends, neighbors, and coworkers, to whom you regularly lend a hand, who are eager to return the favor. This month, don’t be afraid to turn to this network when you start to feel yourself slip. You won’t seem weak — and you’ll have the perfect opportunity to say thanks when Turkey Day rolls around.

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LIBRA (September 22 - October 23)

Check your bank statements and read them twice this month, Libra. Mercury retrograde will imperil your finances until the 20th, so be wary of where your money’s going and how it’s getting there. Avoid shady online transactions and don’t log into your credit account from public wi-fi. With the sun urging you to impulse shop until the 22nd, you can’t be too careful about your cash flow.

Beyond your wallet woes, this month will bring a renewed sense of fun and excitement to your everyday life, particularly the seemingly mundane conversations with which you fill the hours. You may find yourself getting more involved in the goings-on in your neighborhood, and your voice will be more than welcomed at the next block meeting. Your easy way of communicating, coupled with your desire to solve other people’s problems, will make you an asset to the board. On the 25th, your attention will be needed at home, so enjoy being a local hero until then.

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Your singular focus and font of secrets normally bolster your confidence, Scorp, but Mercury retrograde, which kicked off in your sign on October 31, could rattle your sense of self if you’re not careful. You might not trust the decisions you make and you may even question your instincts, but keep in mind that during these planetary backspins, your instincts are often all you have. Your inner compass isn’t broken, Scorpio — you’re just having a hard time reading it right now. Take a deep breath, slow down, and remember that no one knows you better than yourself.

In the midst of your retrograde-inspired self-talk reckoning, the full moon on the 12th will ask you to put some time into your partnerships, particularly any you’ve been neglecting recently. It’s one thing to believe that a strong relationship can sustain itself for a while with minimal effort, but it’s another matter to trust that the other person involved is happy with that state of affairs. We know you’re a private sign, but do something during this lunar phase to prove that you are, deeply and truly, committed to the success of this bond.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

This month’s Mercury retrograde might not scramble your social life or crash your daily routine like it will for other Zodiac signs, but it will beleaguer your innermost self, the part of you that turns philosophical and existential on quiet nights alone. Beware of repetitive thought patterns or distant memories that loom larger than usual — as much as Mercury retrogrades like to tangle with your present-day plans, they also have a penchant for dredging up past unpleasantness.

This weight on your subconscious will lift after the 20th, and your birthday season will be close behind on the 22nd. In other words, you’ll have plenty to celebrate later this month, Sag, so flirt, joke, and roam to your heart’s content as your solar season unfolds. It is your astrological “new year,” so to speak, so don’t be surprised if you feel reinvigorated and newly optimistic about the months to come — that sense of hope won’t be for nothing.

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

You’re already reluctant to be showy with your feelings, Cap, but this month will see you in rare form — a very select few will be privy to your true thoughts, as you turn inward and nurture your inner self in solitude. It’s not uncommon for Goats to seek out alone time in November, the month before your birthday season, but this year you’ll all but require some peace and quiet, thanks to Mercury retrograde.

Your faith in your long-term planning abilities could come into question and you may hesitate to make major decisions during this period. If feelings of uncertainty needle their way into your otherwise peaceful month, don’t push yourself to make a call you aren’t comfortable with. We know you hate to sit on the fence, but it’s perfectly fine to wait until after the 20th to give your final answer to any offers or contracts that come your way. If all this sounds too serious, mark your calendar for the 12th, when the full moon in fellow earth sign Taurus will light up your creativity sector and urge you to express yourself freely.

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Keep your eyes on your own paper, Aquarius — that’s the only way you’ll get through this month’s Mercury retrograde relatively unscathed. This retrograde is coming for your career and could very well prompt you to act rashly if you aren’t careful. Don’t concern yourself with office gossip or politics, and ignore any outlandish rumors you overhear at lunch. Where your normal instincts may tell you to pause your current projects at the first sign of change, you’ll be better off sticking to what’s already in motion or in need of revising. There will time for your out-of-the-box pitches after the 20th.

Plan a cozy night in for the full moon on the 12th. Family or domestic matters could arise, and even if all is well at home, you’ll deserve a night of TLC as you continue to duck water cooler drama. If you feel yourself losing motivation in your work, the 19th could bring a boost in confidence and energy — just in time for Mercury to direct course.

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Are you staying in or going out, Pisces? You’ll have a hard time choosing between your inner voyager or homebody this month, but there’s no rule that states you can’t satisfy both. Until the 22nd, the sun will coax you off the beaten path and into parts unknown — what’s been stoking your curiosity lately, Pisces? What events or trips have you skipped because you “don’t have the time” for them? New experiences will nourish you — and give you something to be immensely thankful for come Turkey Day.

If venturing beyond your normal surroundings sounds daunting, the full moon on the 12 will secure your sense of belonging right where you are, possibly to a frustrating degree. This lunar phase will be all about your immediate needs and fundamental tasks — in short, the beaten path. Enjoy the sense of familiarity that comes with your daily chores (and maybe try not to think of them as “chores”). With all your ducks in a row, you’ll be free for a horizon-broadening jaunt at a later date.

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