The Healthy Baby Food Service to Treat All the New Moms in Your Life

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With Mother’s Day this weekend, we’re sure many of you are scrambling to find the best, most thoughtful presents for the well-deserving moms in your life. If a new mom is on your list, consider a gift that will benefit both mother and child.

Enter Nourish Baby, a newly-launched subscription food service designed to give budding new eaters a solid foundation while simultaneously giving busy parents a little break and peace of mind.

The brainchild of founder and nutritionist Marissa Lippert of celebrity-loved Nourish Kitchen + Table (she counts J.Law and Alec and Hilaria Baldwin among her customers) teamed up with chef Lizzy Rizzuto to create one of the first services of its kind. Fans of Nourish Kitchen + Table will easily recognize the popular West Village café’s signature hallmarks in Nourish Baby: colorful, healthful meals whose ingredients are largely derived from local purveyors, including nearby Union Square Greenmarket, inflected with Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Asian accents—nutrition and style aplenty.

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From fava bean-goat cheese quinoa mini muffs to lemony mint hummus with blanched spring vegetables, and even Korean black rice congee with ginger, tamari, and ghee, you might mistake Nourish Baby’s menu for one found at your favorite sustainable resto.

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Nourish Baby currently operates on a pick-up basis only for New York-area residents. Subscriptions start at $475/month for 16 items a week, with family meal, snack, and bone broth a la carte options for an additional fee.

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