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It all started with an Uber ride home.

As a man left his sister's traditional wedding, he hopped in his Uber to head home, and his driver told him about a love story so sweet that he couldn't help but share it with the world on Twitter.

The driver—"a chef, who drives to calm his nerves after a full day of kitchen pressure"—told him he was Muslim and his wife was Christian. "He learnt to drive in 2012 and explores much of England with his wife—who loves to travel he said, saves all spare cash for that," he tweeted via his account @InuaEllams.

When he asked how the Uber driver met his wife, he replied that they got married nine months after they met. "He proposed immediately and she laughed ... at first," he tweeted. "But when she left London and went back home, they carried on talking ... came back to visit him a few times, then just stayed. He was Pakistani. I asked if his parents met his wife before they married. He said only Skype but they trusted him & what they saw of her. So, they didn't get in their way."

He said he started tearing up in the back seat as the man continued to talk about his wife. "He is 30, they got married 5 years ago," he tweeted. "I foolishly assumed his wife was Pakistani too. Dunno why. She is Italian. Catholic."

He said the driver's smile "deepened" as he talked about his wife and having kids with her one day.

"I think what I'm trying to say is that we live in beautiful complex times," he tweeted on. "Despite rising nationalism and nativism...My @Uber driver was a Pakistani Muslim Pizza chef, who married a 6-language-speaking Italian Catholic woman and they fell in love on Skype."

"God bless Google Translate, FaceTime, Airplanes, Language Schools, Pizzerias, Dreamers, The Cotswold, Night-Time-Drives and being who we are, loving who we love, we will blur the boundaries of nationhood and cultures, deepening our humanity, infinitely richer. They just did that."

Leave it to Twitter Moments to give us all the feels.