The Most Popular Baby Names So Far in 2017 Aren’t What You Expect

Top Baby Names - 2017
Photo: twomeows/Getty

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is already halfway over but, alas, it's somehow July, and Nameberry has put together stats on the most popular baby names so far this year. While the first spot on the girl’s side has been near the top of the charts for years, the boy’s frontrunner may surprise you.

Olivia holds the No. 1 spot for girls, followed by Amelia, Charlotte, Isla, and Isabel. As for big movers in the last six months, Evelyn, Penelope, and Eleanor are new to the Top 10, while Celeste, Ines, and Fiona have broken into the Top 100.

As for the boys, Asher has claimed the top spot, followed by Atticus, Jack, Ezra, and Theodore. What’s more, and a whopping 20 names in the Top 100 are newcomers. That means one-fifth of the names on the list weren’t there in 2016, including names like Charlie, Everett, Rhett, Maverick, and Arlo.

The statistics are determined by which pages on the baby-naming website gets the most views, so take this data with a grain of salt, but you can probably expect to meet a few more Ashers along your path in the coming years.

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