By Claire Stern
Updated Aug 02, 2017 @ 12:00 pm
Credit: Philippa Langley

Being a parent is no easy feat. Juggling breastfeeding, caretaking, and myriad societal demands often results in the majority of your to-do list slipping through the cracks. Unfortunately for that elusive post-baby body, exercise seems to be the first thing to go. (Honestly, who has time to go to the gym?). Because everyone needs endorphins—especially while deftly juggling a million other tasks—we tapped Pip Black and Joan Murphy, co-founders of Mumhood, a cult-favorite pre- and post-natal fitness program based in London, for five easy and effective workout moves that can be done in your living room. All you need is a resistance band and a maybe little fitspiration (we're looking at you, J.Lo).


Place the band around the top of your knees. Lie on your side on the floor with your legs together, knees bent and with your head, shoulders, bottom and heels touching the floor. Open your top knee toward the ceiling to full rotation while keeping your heels connected and hips inline with each other. Maintain hip alignment throughout the rotation. Close knee back down to starting position. Aim for 20 reps on each side.


Place the band around the top of your knees again. Place your feet at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock on a clock face and squat down as if you were about to sit on a chair, keeping your weight in your heels with your chest up and eyes forward. As you return to standing, drive through your heels and squeeze your glutes. Aim for 20 reps.


Placing the band under your right foot, split your stance so your left foot is behind the right. Holding onto the ends of the band, lower your left knee and inch off the floor, maintaining your shoulders and hips inline. As you lower your knees, bring the ends of the bands to your shoulders to perform a bicep curl, keeping your elbows in close to the waist. Extend your arms back to original position as you return to standing. Aim for 20 reps on each side.


Take one end of the resistance band with one hand and the other midway down the back. Pull the band up over your shoulders and so that your elbow is pointing forward. Extend your arm upward until it's in a straight line and then bring it back down to your shoulders. Keep your knees soft and your core engaged, but try not to pop your ribcage. Aim for 20 reps on each side.

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Start in a standing position with your feet parallel. Walk your hands down into a high plank position with your wrists in line with your shoulders. Take the opposite knee across to the elbow and repeat on the other side. Walk your hands back up with a slight bend in the knee into the starting position. Repeat 10 times.