By Anne Vorrasi
Updated Sep 12, 2017 @ 11:45 am
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Every weekday morning anchor Savannah Guthrie takes her spot on the set of NBC’s TODAY Show and reports on the most current, interesting, and useful news and information of the day. You're probably one of the millions of viewers who tune in from their homes to watch and listen to her and her team cover everything from politics to natural disasters to celebrities, and as a successful, powerful, public figure, she’s a true role model for women who are working hard to build a career for themselves in their respective fields. But celebrity status aside, at the end of the day, this mom of two struggles with the same child rearing issues that the rest of us do. One in particular is making sure that her young daughter has the confidence to overcome gender stereotypes and to recognize the importance of self-expression.

Credit: Courtesy Abrams Books

In response to the plethora of “girly” books that her daughter is drawn to, Guthrie partnered with her friend Allison Oppenheim to write the new children’s book Princesses Wear Pants ($11, “Alli and noticed how naturally our little girls were drawn to all things fancy, sparkly and ‘princess-y,” says Guthrie. “We wanted them to know that you can be a girly girl with real substance.”

Credit: Courtesy Abrams Books

Their book follows the brave young Princess Penelope Pineapple as she navigates through her adventurous adolescent life, piloting, skateboarding, gardening, and more, decked out in an impressive collection of pantaloons. When she opts for a glittery pair to wear to a ball however, she is immediately scolded for her “non-appropriate” attire. Of course she proves everyone wrong when she out-braves the prince and saves a drowning kitty in distress, something she would not have been able to do were she weighed down by a heavy ball gown.

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It's an adorable tale and an adorable book with a strong message for our younger generation: it’s what you do, not what you wear, that counts. And while the story is fictional, the premise of a girl being bullied or discouraged due to her gender sounds all too plausible a story. Luckily Guthrie has some choice advice if her young daughter finds herself in this situation. “First of all, I hope my daughter grows up in a world where this doesn't happen! But if she encounters this, I will tell her to just smile - and then get going on whatever bold, daring, kind, thoughtful, interesting or innovative thing she has set her mind to!”

And like Princess Penelope Pineapple, even Guthrie fully embraces the pants look morning, noon, and night. “My favorite go-to ‘pants power’ outfit is a great of pair of jeans with a T-shirt and blazer. It looks good on everyone! Pair it with boots and you're good for work; slip on a cute pair of heels and you're ready for drinks with the girls!”