By Anne Vorrasi
Updated Jul 14, 2017 @ 1:00 pm
Parasol - Baby Diapers
Credit: Courtesy of Parasol

When you have a new baby, one thing you spend way too much time thinking about is diapers. Between packing, buying them, changing them, tossing, and looking for them (or washing them if you're going for the cloth route, bless you) multiple times a day, they’re constantly on your mind. And it all starts with having to decide which brand you’re going to use. There are tons of ways to approach this, defaulting to the cheapest, the most environmentally friendly, or the cutest. Another factor is, of course, keeping tabs on how your baby’s bum responds to them. Do some fit better than others? Do some materials and scents cause an unwanted reaction like they did on my little one? I've only been a mom for six and a half months so far, but I’ve tried my fair share of brands ranging from whatever the hospital provided, to eco-friendly options, to ones that I chose for their cuteness factor, and I’m happy to say that my quest is finally over.

Parasol Co officially launched this past April, and they are the only e-commerce, direct to consumer disposable diaper company out there. I was first drawn to the company for their adorable prints and decided to check them out. At the time I had settled on another brand that I still love for their environmentally conscious approach, and cute patterns, but there is something really unique about Parasol’s product: They are so soft.

Parasol - Baby Diapers - Embed - 1
Credit: Courtesy of Parasol

I didn’t even notice that their slogan was “We make diapers so soft we call them underwear” until I started doing my research for this piece. I just ordered them because I thought they were cute! Oh and also seemingly less harmful to the environment and my baby’s sensitive skin--they’re made primarily of wood pulp that comes from sustainably managed forests and certified with the Nordic Swan Eco Label, plus they’re hypoallergenic and free of any fragrances, lotions, inks, latex, and chlorine.

And if you think that softness = less absorbency, guess again. I’m happy to report that after all my trials and errors with various other brands, I don’t feel that these are any less absorbent than other big name labels. My daughter can sleep through these for 10-12 hours, and we haven’t had an accident yet.

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I should also mention that they’ve got some pretty good wipes too. They’re nice and plush, which to me is equivalent to using ultra-soft 3-ply toilet paper rather than a rough, single-ply option. Also I’m into the level of moisture. I don’t know if this is a thing that other moms have a strong opinion on, but some wipes are too dry and some are too wet. This is a happy medium.

Intrigued about this brand and willing to tell all the new moms I know about them, I reached out to Parasol’s CEO, Jessica Hung, to pick her brain a bit. Read on to hear more about the brand’s products and some exciting new launches that are happening later this year, and sign up for a sample pack to give these diapers and wipes a test drive yourself. Then sign up for a subscription box because it makes life so much easier to have a bundle delivered to your doorstep every few weeks.

INSTYLE: Why did you start this company?

Jessica Hung: My co-founding partner and I possess the entrepreneurial DNA which has helped us start and navigate a number of different businesses. My partner had twins 3 years ago, which got us to thinking that millennials have a very different parenting concept as well as unique consumption behaviors. We felt that we could make products that would fit their lifestyle and sensibilities and decided to launch a brand new concept.

How does your product differ from your competitors?

Our approach to product is different. From a performance perspective, major competitors have done a great job to show us the benchmark. We make sure to perform above that benchmark. The extra mile we went in terms of product difference was to make our Parasol diapers truly the world’s softest diaper. Above all, we are user centric, and those users are babies and parents. We have a very different dialogue with our parents—we believe their engagement is critical to our product development and we want them to be part of this movement.

What’s coming down the pike?

We have new diaper collections for Fall/Winter, and feminine care products will be available around the same time. As well, we will be launching baby food pouches. We recruit artists from around the world and create art together for all of our product packaging. Our newest designs are developed by a European artist. We then take the designs we like and let our subscribers vote on the final selections.

Will Parasol be in any retail stores in the near future?

Maybe. Our focus is on our relationships with our parents, fine tuning the user experience and continuing to introduce new art and new products for their day to day essentials. If retailers can help us to achieve these same goals, we are happy to work together.

Parasol - Baby Diapers - Embed - 2
Credit: Courtesy of Parasol

What makes these diapers so superior?

Our conscientious attention to the details and the experience. We had no experience in disposable hygiene category, therefore, we were not affixed to doing things in a certain way. We let our dreams shine, and we are silly enough to talk about it out loud. There were many disbelievers and rejections for the first couple of years by business people who are experienced in this category. We were very determined to listen to our parents only. We give them what they WANT and what they need.

How is it possible that these diapers are so thin, yet absorbent?

Haha, that is a secret, I can't speak too much about it. Technology and application is key. We have many more surprises in store for our parents.

Any notable fans?

Parasol diapers are keeping Michael Phelp’s baby dry, and NHL hockey player Zac Rinaldo's (Left Wing for the Providence Bruins) son looking as cool as ice. Our fan base is growing too with new mommy to be Lesley-Ann Brandt, Joy Cho from Oh Joy!, Hypebeast's coolest dad Ja Tescon and many more.